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    The Ben Heck Team responds to the Pokemon Go craze by taking your suggestions and making them a reality. Pokemon Go is the free-to, location-based augmented reality game that put Nintendo on the mobile gaming map! Their answer: a wrist-mounted, battery extending, team color indicating, phone holding, Pokemon Go Survival Device!

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    Supporting Files

    Click Herefor access to all the supporting files you will need to replicate this build!



    Ben helps Karen and Max with a wrist-mounting, battery extending, team color indicating, phone holding, Pokemon Go Survival Device. The team comes up with a solution for common complaints including: batteries dying, problems aiming correctly, and the fact that it’s a two handed operation. Ben does the mechanical design using Autodesk Fusion 360 for the 3D design process while Karen designs a comfortable way to strap it on.


    Ben goes over the tap and die method. A tap lets you make threads inside of a hole, a die puts threads on the outside of a rod. A custom rod with a smooth section in the middle allows it to slide easily back and forth. He also creates an aim guide as well as clamp. Felix puts a battery pack together that includes two lithium ion cells in parallel going to a boost circuit that turns it into 5V. 2 cells in parallel increases the current, allowing for increased battery time.


    Ben takes the 5V output and puts it into the switch and then brings it over to a microcontroller he programmed to allow him to build a light changing circuit into. They use a ATTINY45 microcontrollerATTINY45 microcontroller with bit-banged PWM to pulse lights.


    The final build includes a rigged battery pack to allow you to play Pokemon longer, some team lights so you can identify what team a player is on, and a rotating, detachable phone mount. Once the build is complete Karen goes out to find some Pokemon! Gotta catch them all!