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    Bringing Education and cutting-edge technology together
    The element14 Community works closely with leading global manufacturers of electrical components and materials.  This is what allows us to have robust programs like RoadTests and Design Challenges where Members can gain access to free products to review or to build projects.
    We're also a dedicated supporter of engineering and electronics in education, whether that's using the Raspberry Pi to learn how to code or offering Online Courses or our Essentials Learning Modules.  Along the way, we've built strong relationships with many engineering schools and faculty members around the world.
    An element14 ‘Lab Test’ connects our manufacturers with our engineering schools by allowing instructors and students to incorporate cutting-edge technology into their classroom projects, giving them the best possible tools to develop their ideas and work on their core skills.
    Sharing Knowledge and Rewarding Innovation
    By hosting Lab Tests on the element14 Community, students and course leaders share their experiences and add to our collective bank of knowledge around engineering and new technology. By documenting their progress on element14, they can also receive advice and feedback from our global community of over 440,000 engineers, educators and hobbyists.
    In addition, we work with our manufacturing partners to provide special prizes for the best and most innovative Lab Test products, including funding and equipment to help Universities and Engineering Schools to provide the highest-quality research and learning opportunities for their students. Lab test prizes are judged and awarded at the sole discretion of our manufacturing partners, according to criteria shared with participating faculties in advance of each Lab Test.
    How to participate in an element14 Lab Test
    Participation in element14 Lab Tests is available to engineering schools by invitation only, at the discretion of element14 and our partner manufacturers.
    Participants will be provided with agreed equipment, hardware, software or components free of charge. Receipt of this equipment is subject to Terms and Conditions which will be made available prior to products being shipped. These will govern expectations around proper use of the kit, documentation of individual projects and general conditions of entry. Final submission deadlines for projects will also be agreed in advance of product shipment. Full terms and conditions will also be posted to the relevant Lab Test space on the element14 community.
    Participants are encouraged to incorporate a range of media into their project documentation, including blog posts, video, images and open source.
    If you would like your school or faculty to be considered for a future element14 Lab Test, email John Lucas.