Version 7

    1. What is a RoadTest?

    The element14 RoadTest is a product review program administered by the element14 Community. RoadTests go beyond traditional reviews by providing an objective opinion about a product's quality, ease of use, and performance.  Participating in the RoadTest program allows a member to receive some of the newest tech products available by your suppliers, as well as an opportunity to learn and improve your hardware and software skills. You will need to complete an application for a specific roadtest. The RoadTest Program Manager selects the official roadtesters and sends his selections along with all other eligible applicants to the sponsor for review and approval. Then, the product or kit is shipped to the roadtesters. The Roadtesters have 60-days from receipt of the product to perform testing and write a review on element14.


    2. Who can apply for a RoadTest?

    Any member can apply to a RoadTest. If you are a memeber, go here to register:


    3. How much does a RoadTest cost?

    There is no charge to participate in the RoadTest program. Once you have been selected as a RoadTester, element14 will send you the product in exchange for your feedback.


    4. How long do I have to complete a RoadTest?

    You have 60 days to complete the RoadTest and submit your review.


    5. Do you provide the test equipment for me to RoadTest the product?

    While element14 provides the product to be RoadTested, it does not provide the test equipment to perform the testing.


    6. What do I need to deliver to you to show I completed the RoadTest?

    You need only complete a RoadTest review and post it on the element14 Community website.


    7. Is there a limit to the number of RoadTests for which I can apply?

    There is no limit to the number of RoadTests for which you can apply.


    8. How will my RoadTest Review be used? Who will read it?

    RoadTests reviews are available for anyone to read on the element14 Community website. They will be read by community members, potential customers, the manufacturer, and other interested parties.


    9. How will I know I have been selected to RoadTest the product for which I applied?

    We will reach out to the selected finalists on the element14 community for additional information, as well as to confirm their interest in participating. Failure to respond to this message will result in your application being pulled, and we will chose another participant. From these finalists, our official RoadTesters will be chosen.


    10. What do I do if I am not selected as a RoadTester?

    There are many reasons why an applicant is not selected as a RoadTester. Like applying for a job, the RoadTest Program Manager considers not only the information you provide on the application, but your participation in the community, whether you are currently on another roadtest, and your standing in the RoadTest program.


    11. If I am selected as a RoadTester, can I keep the product I tested?

    Yes. That's the great benefit of being a participant in the RoadTest program. You get the product for free in exchange for your objective feedback.


    12. What happens if I don't provide a RoadTest review?

    Some RoadTesters are unable to provide a review for a variety of reasons. If you are a RoadTester and you are unable to complete the review, please contact rscasny as soon as possible so we are aware of your situation. We may be able to offer you a solution, including additional time if necessary. If you do not provide a RoadTest Review within 60 Days and you do not contact us regarding your situation, you may be barred from participating in any future RoadTest.