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    Ben tears apart a Playstation 4 Slim and compares it to the teardown of the recently released Xbox One S. Once he's torn the PS4 apart it can be put together as a tablet or laptop. Share your idea on what to do with it in the comments below!



    The back of the system includes AC in, a camera port for the upcoming Playstation VR , HDMI, and the toslink optical audio port has been removed. PSVR is rumored to have an external processing box between it and the PS4. Ben removes the screw holding the hard drive in place so he can examine the hard drive to see if it's changed. The hard drive is from a different brand than the previous version. He then removes the back to reveal the wifi module outside the RF cage and a small blueray drive. The Blueray drive looks proprietary. Sony can create its own Blu-Ray solution whereas Microsoft uses an existing module.


    Ben removes the power brick to reveal what that looks like. The power supply has two different voltages, 4.8 V at 1.5 amps for the idle state and 12 V at 13 amps. The power supply for the PS4 is very different from the one used in the Xbox One S. Inside the PS4 there is a fan that brings air from the top of the unit and blows it through the reduced heat sink and through the power supply. The Playstation 4 uses [8] 1 gig RAM chips whereas the Xbox One S uses [16] 512 meg chips.


    Ben removes the CPU clamp to take out the main motherboard. You can guess what IC's do based on what they're next to. The power regulation is heat sunk, the APU looks identical to the Xbox One S, a Sega branded chip is most likely a custom video encoder for easily capturing video for streaming, there's a camera hookup, Ethernet port, hardrive and power inputs, and USB ports.


    The motherboard for the Xbox One S is compared with the Playstation 4. The Playstation 4 has heatsinks on the RAM whereas the Xbox doesn't. The Xbox has more RAM chips meaning each chip is smaller whereas the Playstation runs their RAM chips at a much higher frequency. AMD provides the APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) for both consoles. The main difference between the APU is the Xbox uses more die space for some on die RAM whereas the Playstation 4 uses more die space for video cores. The Playstation 4 has two separate voltages whereas the Xbox One S has only the 12 V. The heat sinks used in both consoles are also compared.