Version 5

    Thank you for your interest in applying for an element14 RoadTest.  While the RoadTest application is both simple and brief, it requires some effort, planning and strategy to write a winning application. This document will give you some tips on how to complete your application so you have a better chance of being selected to RoadTest the product of your choice.

    RoadTest Basics

    The element14 RoadTest is a product review program performed by the element14 Community’s technical Members. They conduct detailed tests of a wide variety of products offered by top quality manufacturers. Once you have been selected as a RoadTester, element14 will send you the product for FREE in exchange for your feedback.

    RoadTests go beyond traditional reviews by providing an objective opinion about a product’s quality, ease of use, and performance – usually in a real prototype or bench top project.  Our Manufacturing partners benefit as well by finding out what additional documentation might be required or how to address how their products could better perform in various “real life” applications.

    Starting the Application

    Once you click the “Enroll” button on the RoadTest page of the product, the short and easy to complete application page will appear. The top part of the application asks for required contact information (name, phone, email, address, etc.). After all, if you win, we need a proper mailing address!

    Description: Tell Us Why You Would Be a Great RoadTester

    The next section looks similar to the interface of a word processor. This is the most important section of the RoadTest application. It is the place where you will explain why you want to RoadTest the product and why you’re the most qualified person to win – all in under 32,000 characters. Most RoadTest applications are not that long, but it helps to have detailed information as outlined in these tips:

    Tell us about yourself.  The element14 Community consists of over 470,000 members. So, we may not know you personally. That’s why it is a good idea to introduce yourself. We don’t need your life story (unless it’s relevant) but do tell us about your previous or current job, credentials, and your previous experience using products like the one you want to test.

    Why are you applying? Winners don’t get any additional compensation over the cost of the product – so, why are you applying?  What’s your motivation? If you are excited about this product, tell us why. Being honest, authentic and personal helps us determine who is committed enough to complete the RoadTest and have some fun in the process.

    How will you RoadTest the product? Now we are getting into the details of your review of the product. Give us a description of your testing procedure. This helps us understand your knowledge of product as well as its applications. If you don’t have an exact procedure written down, then provide us with an outline of the steps you will take. Be detailed. Using graphics, block diagrams, images, even a video can really help you stand out from the other applicants.

    How much time will it take you to RoadTest the product?  We want to select RoadTest applicants who not only have the skills to conduct a thorough review of the product, but also have the commitment and time to complete it. So, give us an idea of your schedule and indicate whether you can complete the RoadTest within time allotted (generally, a couple of months).

    Examples of Good RoadTest Application Descriptions

    What follows are a few examples of RoadTest application descriptions that we think a pretty good. When you read them, you’ll notice they are detailed and interesting. You can understand why the applicant wants to RoadTest the product.

    Example #1

    I am a pre-final year student at SRM University and I work as an Electronics Engineer at Camber Racing, the official Formula Student team of SRM University. We are a team of 30 enthusiastic engineering students who build a Formula student car for National and International events organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Currently, we are working on our 6th vehicle and we use various sensors (Wheel speed, TPS, MAP+T, Suspension Potentiometers, GPS, IMU, Brake Pressure sensor, etc.) on our cars. I have worked with various microcontrollers, sensors, actuators, ECU, Wiring Harness and Data Acquisition Systems. I shall test the prize in our car for the data acquisition and the tuning and validation shall be done accordingly. It shall be a literal road test. I am willing to provide a full review of the product with the supporting material within 60 days.

    Example #2

    At 65 years of age and post retirement from a MOD lab in India, I am a freelance engineer building open-source projects for students and the educational community. With support from the TI University program at Bangalore, I have built a low cost USB Oscilloscope and signal generator and used these to carry out experiments on the TI ASKLv2010. It would be a pleasure to RoadTest the ADS7042 BoosterPack and MSP30FR4133. I would like to extend my design of a low cost oscilloscope which was earlier done with the C2000 Piccolo Launchpad using these two boards and demonstrate data-acquisition and display on a PC based GUI. As I am familiar with the TI IDE ecosystem this would not be too difficult. Looking forward to continued interaction with TI and the element14 community.

    Example #3

    I am a graduate Computer Engineer and now doing a PHD focused in Radar applications. Previously, I worked in an Israeli defense company with avionics simulation. Also worked for Brazil Altera's representative as hardware engineer. I am well trained in C/C++, bare metal programming, Verilog, and IC-design (Ci-Brazil program). The TI ADS7042 will be tested using one monopole antenna (S12 -15dbm at 435Mhz) in order to propagate a FMCW generate by MSP-EXP430FR4133 LaunchPad. The backscattering signal will be captured by a receiver antenna and processed by LabRF Framework. The goal of this project is analyze different RF modulations through simulated heart coronaries, especially calcificated coronaries. The results obtained with this research will be blogged on This project is unique and innovates by analyzing different modulations in the heart arteries in search of calcifications in the coronaries.