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    Sensors III

    Industrial Sensors

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    Long before innovations in semiconductor processing made the production of integrated circuit (IC) sensors and MEM sensors possible, industrial sensors were used to sense, detect and measure changes in the position, displacement, temperature, pressure, electrical current, and many other parameters of manufacturing processes and industrial equipment. But unlike the tiny form factor sensors used today on PCBs in smart phones or Internet of Things (IOT) devices, industrial sensors come in a much wider variety of sizes, shapes and technologies. Some are PCB-mounted ICs, while others are system level components integrated into a piece of machinery or an entire manufacturing production line. A familiarity of industrial sensors is useful to any engineer, whether he or she is just beginning their careers, or are further along and desire to broaden their body of knowledge.

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    Parts Used within the Module

    Linear Position Sensors
    Honeywell SPS Series Linear Position Sensor
    Mass Air Flow Sensors
    Honeywell AWM3000 Series Mass Air Flow SensorHoneywell Zephyr HAF Series Mass Air Flow Sensor
    Hall Effect Sensors
    Honeywell  CSDA1BACSDA1BA Hall Effect Sensor Honeywell CSLA Series Linear Current Hall Effect Sensor
    Pressure Sensors
    Honeywell 26PC Series Differential Miniature Pressure SensorHoneywell 26PC Series Miniature Gauge Pressure SensorHoneywell 5000 Series Extended Duty Pressure Switch
    Speed and Direction Sensors
    Honeywell SNG-Q Series Quadrature Speed and Direction SensorHoneywell Hazardous Location Industrial VRS Magnetic Speed Sensor
    Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensors
    Honeywell HumidIcon™ HIH6000 Series Digital Humidity/Temperature Sensor  Honeywell TD Series RTD Temperature SensorHoneywell  2455R-100-742455R-100-74 Thermal Switch
    Magnet Field and Position Sensors
    Honeywell HMC100x Series Magnetic Field SensorHoneywell  2SS52M2SS52M Series Omnipolar Digital Magnetoresistive Position Sensor
    Force Sensors
    Honeywell Model 31 Series Miniature Load CellHoneywell FSS-SMT Series Low-Profile Force Sensor
    Liquid Level Sensors
    Honeywell LRN Series Reed Float SwitchHoneywell LLE Series Liquid Level Sensors
    Object Detection Sensors
    Honeywell HOA6299 Series Through Beam Infrared Sensor Modules

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