Version 1
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    The Node includes:
    • Movement sensor
    • Light sensor
    • Temperature sensor
    • A button
    • RGB light
    • Waterproof (IP54) casing
    • 3 AAA batteries supplying power for over a year of usage.
    • The Node is a versatile device to test or build plug'n'play Internet of Things features. Easy set up as an IFTTT node through our intuitive web interface.
    The Things Node use a long range and low power radio frequency protocol called LoRaWAN and for short range Bluetooth 4.2. The technology allows for things to talk to the internet without 3G or WiFi. So no WiFi codes and no mobile subscriptions.

    A matchbox full of sensors, a light and a button. Show off, or just connect this bunch of sensors to your IFTTT account - it is up to you. It is perfect for the prototyping of use cases without the need for programming or soldering skills.

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