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    Ben's seeing double this week with a retro virtual reality console that was ahead of its time, the Virtual Boy (codename VUE) by Nintendo. The technology behind the Virtual Boy was ahead of its time, and didn't prevent some of the dizzying problems that still affect VR today, as Ben quips "It's like a trip to the eye doctor!". Of course, this means Ben has to take it apart in a traditional teardown to find out what makes the Virtual Boy tick, inside we find a 32bit processor and graphics chip combined along with some very clever mechanical decisions. Unfortunately, as clever as the mechanics are, this hasn't prevented failure and Ben has to design and print a part using Autodesk Fusion 360 to help repair it. Though, now that it's repaired, it's time to improve it! Make sure you catch the next episode, meanwhile let us know what you think of VR technology on the element14 Community!


    Episode 266: Ben Heck’s Virtual Boy Part 2: Rebuild


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