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    Startupbootcamp IoT | Connected Devices sees nine enterprising startup companies from around the globe relocating to London for a three-month accelerator program that will see them gaining access to funding, mentorship, dedicated office space and a global network of potential investors, corporate partners and VCs.


    The startups were carefully selected through an open application process, with the final nine developing hardware products across the Consumer and Industrial IoT space. Hailing from such diverse locations as Greece, Canada, Spain, France, Romania and the United Kingdom, they are united by a passion for innovation and a fully realised prototype or proof concept that they're ready to develop and take onto the global market.




    CityCrop harnesses intelligent indoor farming technology to allow you to grow fresh, healthy and pesticide-free produce all year round. By connecting to their app, users can monitor the progress of their crops and share their experiences with other enthusiasts. The CityCrop device itself is a climate controlled, hydroponic system with adjustable trays, a special nutrient dosing system and LED grow lights to provide the optimum environment for producing the freshest vegetables, fruits, herbs and more. CityCrop have joined the Startupbootcamp IoT accelerator from their home in Athens, Greece.




    Doordeck is an IoT product for controlling a wide range of electronic locks in commercial and industrial spaces. Drawing on fifteen years of security industry experience, Doordeck offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface and smartphone functionality, empowering users to perform all manner of access control operations via a secure cloud platform.



    Eskesso is a sous vide cooking appliance aimed at helping to make healthy, traditional cooking more compatible with busy modern lifestyles. The easy-to-use device is suitable for all cooking proficiency levels and can be controlled remotely from any smart portable device for precise, energy-efficient and professional results. Just add your Eskesso device to a pot of water and you can cook and monitor your favourite meals while on the go.




    HomyHub is a Plug and Play Smart Device that allows the user to control, monitor and share access to your garage door using a simple smartphone app. In addition to removing the need for a separate remote for your door, HomyHub allows you to access a full breakdown of who has accessed your door, remotely share access to allow friends and relatives to access your garage when you're not home, and program your door to open for you automatically using sensor technology.



    Joyride is a Toronto-based cycling technology company that’s developing the next generation of tracking and analytics for smart cities. Joyride helps bicycle fleet managers, city planners, and community advocates get the data they need to build sustainable and healthy cycling programs and infrastructure.



    Thingtrax is a tracking solution for connected manufacturing, offering mid-level manufacturing customers the tools they need to track machines and operators in real time, reducing unplanned downtime and increasing operational efficiency. Their smart gateway device can be applied to deliver intelligent machine monitoring, asset monitoring and condition monitoring for a complete view of the health and efficiency of the user's manufacturing processes.



    Trackener uses intelligent sensor technology to help horse owners to monitor and optimise every aspect of their animal's life, from detecting and preventing health problems to ensuring a consistent feeding and exercise routine. Users can also study the data gathered by the sensors, which fit comfortably on the body of the horse, to learn from their behaviour and quickly respond to any abnormal behaviour.



    Woogie is a voice activated, sensor-based device that offers a unique learning experience aimed at children aged six to twelve years old. Taking the form of a friendly alien who wishes to learn about life on earth, Woogie uses uses a voice interface and LCD screen to learn about the user's interests and habits, becoming smarter and more relevant as the child interacts with it. A companion app also communicates with parents to provide information on the child's unique interests and developmental strengths and weaknesses.



    YodelUp is a wearable devices that allows skiers and snowboarders to instantly access a wide range of smartphone apps and gadgets during a ski run, without needing to stop and remove their gloves. Whether it's controlling your music, answering a phone call or communicating with other skiers on a secure, walkie-talkie style channel, YodelUp offers a wide range of functionalities to improve the winter sports experience, all in a weightless, weatherproof and ergonomic on-glove design that easily retrofits to all of your gear.


    element14 is proud to support the Startupbootcamp IoT | Connected Devices accelerator program as an official partner. Stay tuned to element14 for more information on the startups as they prepare to take their products to market over the coming weeks.