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    Join Ben as he leaves the workshop behind and goes on a journey to Portland's Retro Gaming Expo! There's little Ben loves more, and this time he's on the hunt for a copy of Road Rash for the Sega Genesis / Megadrive! Though with some happy distractions, Ben gets another chance at the Nintendo Playstation console and discusses the Commodore 64, Nintendo 64 disk drive and the collecting of retro hardware and games with fellow Youtubers. Will Ben manage to repair the Nintendo Playstation and play Super Boss Gaiden? Does he manage to find a copy of Road Rash? You'll have to watch and find out! What's your favorite retro gaming console, or game? Let Ben and the team know on the element14 Community!

    Episode 246: Ben Heck's Nintendo-Playstation Prototype Teardown Part 1

    Episode 247: Ben Heck's Nintendo-Playstation Prototype Teardown Part 2 Repair

    Episode 288: Nintendo PlayStation Prototype: Finally Working!

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    Ben Heck's Nintendo-Playstation Prototype Update!