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    Another year gone. Don't they go by in a blink?


    I'm actually not a fan of New Year celebrations. They always feel like more of an end, than a beginning. Which is weird, given that I'm so inclined toward nostalgia throughout the rest of the year!


    But that's probably also one of the reasons I enjoy our Year in Review content so much; looking back over the high points and successes from you guys, which have made the element14 Community such a great place to hang out, for yet another year.


    Right then! On with the Year in Review show. Our team's been hard at work compiling the best of the best content, so keep checking back here (bookmark and follow the page to stay up to date) over the next week or two and we'll bring you a year's worth of premier projects, Design Challenges, Ben Heck Shows and a whole lot more!


    Oh, wait! While I have your attention, I'd also like to drop a few of my own random highlights into the mix, which I'll lace into this page as we go.


    And I want you to do the same -- tell everyone about the highlights that really stood out for you this year by posting them in the comments below!


    I'm going to kick things off with a 2016 retrospective that Top Member Workshopshed? recently put together about his year in making. Over to you, Andy!

    Talking Cottages, Building Gnomes and Scaring Dragons, by Andy Clark

    "The dragon detector was a joke entry into the Qualcom DragonBoard competition, they called my bluff and sent me a board to work with."Talk.png


    Year in Review 2016: Best Single Board Computers of 2016

    It's been a year of hot tech and stiff competition in the world of single board computers, so CharlesGantt's put together an awesome roundup to remind you of what arrived.

    element14 Year in Review 2016: SBC Comparison Chart




    Year in Review 2016: The Best of The Ben Heck Show, 2016

    Every year Ben Heck gets more creative, more adventurous, more popular and... yeah, I'm gonna say it, more terrible at acting! But we can overlook that when we look back over a year's worth of hacks and projects.

    Remember to post link to your favourite Ben Heck Show episodes of 2016 in the comments below!

    The 2016 Ben Heck End of Year Review




    Year in Review 2016: Texas Instruments Supplier of the Year, 2016

    With all the awesome webinars that have poured out of the Texas Instruments team during 2016, it's easy to forget about some of the early ones. So CharlesGantt?'s compiled them into a definitive list of our best supplier webinars from 2016, just for you!

    Got a favourite webinar of your own? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

    Year in Review 2016: Texas Instruments Supplier of the Year




    And let's follow that up with a retrospective put together by our very own dougw? of all his titanic tinkerings over the last twelve months!

    Some Highlights From 2016, by Doug Wong

    "2016 has been another wild ride at element14. Lots of success, lots of failures, lots of lessons learned and lots or work. "Talk.png




    Year in Review 2016: The Best Design Challenge Bites, 2016

    As you know, CharlesGantt? is an avid Design Challenge spotter, and keeps an eye on the progress of all those exciting competitions week by week. So he's taken a few minutes out to review a year's worth of top Design Challenge adventures, and compiled them all right here.

    Tell us all about your top Design Challenge moments in the comments below!

    Year in Review 2016: Best Design Challenge Bites of 2016





    Year in Review 2016: Top Tech Predictions for 2017

    When you get a year that's as rich and rampant with great new tech, it's hard to imagine how the following year can possibly match up. But Catwell? has some thoughts on what we can expect from 2017, and we want to hear all your tech predictions for the next 12 months in the comments below!

    A look forward at 2017: AI, VR/AR, and Engineering Jobs




    Toppest of the Top Members shabaz has also been hard at work compiling a treasure trove of awesomeness from his latest year on element14!


    My 2016 Projects, Trips and Activities Summary, by Shabaz Yousaf

    "I hope we all do lots of things we find interesting next year too. "Talk.png





    Year in Review 2016: STEM & Business of Engineering 2016 Recap

    Every year STEM works its way deeper into the global education system, and that brings a lot of exciting news, discoveries and advancements for us to talk about here on element14. So join us in a look back over STEM and BoE as we charge into 2017.

    Best of 2016 | Business of Engineering and STEM Academy





    Year in Review 2016: Best RoadTest Reviews of 2016

    So many RoadTests, and so little time! All the hot tech we've been fawning over in our 2016 Year in Review is great to look at, but even better when it's in the hands of our expert members. So let's look back at the best of the best RoadTests, and make sure you tell us which ones caught your eye in 2016 in the comments below.

    The 10 Best RoadTest Reviews of 2016



    Happy New Year from all at element14!