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    Last week we debated a serious aspect of electronics engineering, and the maker lifestyle; Do You Suffer from Tech Support Syndrome? We Have the Answer!


    Well, despite what the title said about us having the answer, we now also have your answers! And for those of you (by which I mean us) that don't like Christmas shopping, this is very good news indeed. Read on.


    Maker Money

    Grinch-Maker-Money.pngThe facts are these.


    We asked for a list of all those "tech support" duties that friends and family regularly bestow upon you, simply because you're considered to be the technically savvy one among them. All their electronics support needs land squarely in your lap.


    Those tasks of tedium and unwanted chores can now be turned into a Christmas present that you can give out to people, and won't cost you a penny.


    Below are a list of "Maker Money" coupons that we've created for you to print out (or email) and compile into a "tech support coupon book." Smaller images are included below, with high res versions attached to download for printing.


    The recipient can then redeem these coupons as necessity requires and, hopefully, it'll also make them a little more thoughtful when it comes to repairs and advice since there's now a conceptual cap on how many times they can call upon your services.


    So as an example, you might build up a coupon book tailored to your personal skill sets. If you've good with printers, you might include five "Printer Problems" coupons in your Maker Money gift book, but only one "Smashed Screen" ticket, since that's a bigger, tougher task. Get the idea? Awesome.


    If you think of any others, let us know and we'll try to add them to the list. And don't forget to post some photos of your gifts, and let us see them in action on that black day when someone redeems their coupons!


    Merry Maker Christmas!





    Picture Problems

    Not seeing what you expected to see on a screen? Use this ticket to get your picture to appear.

    Maker Money - Picture Problems - Small.png


    Why Fi?

    Router reboots, wi-fi password resets, connecting irksome new devices to your wireless interwebs.

    Maker Money - Why Fi - Small.png



    Attempt to get some ancient software running on a modern device to avoid you having to learn something new.

    Maker Money - Geri-App-Tric - Small.png


    Viral Vindication

    Attempt to get your computer running again after visiting "certain" websites. *Up to one hour, discretion assured.

    Maker Money - Viral Vindication - Small.png


    Electronic Tempering

    Will attempt to silence, revamp or re-engineer a device that has some manner of annoying affectation.

    Maker Money - Electronic Tempering - Small.png


    eBay Electronics 'Eadaches

    Repair that cheap rubbish you bought online that never worked, instantly stopped working, or arrived broken.

    Maker Money - Cheap Rubbish Reconstruction - Small.png


    Power On Appointments

    Will attend your device, at a time of your choosing, and turn its power on for you.

    Maker Money - Power On Appointment - Small.png


    Password Amnesia

    Password reset, even though you "definitely" typed it in correctly. Twenty times.

    Maker Money - Password Amnesia - Small.png


    Replacement Parts Procurement

    Sourcing of correct parts of devices, rather than the unsuitable ones you bought off of eBay because they were cheap.

    Maker Money - Replacement Parts Procurement - Small.png


    Non-Related Repair

    Attempt to fix a problem that you insist is related to a previous repair, even though it isn't.

    Maker Money - Non-Related Repair - Small.png


    Dimwit Debunking

    Expert explanations, instructions and directions you're free to refuse, despite having asked for them.

    Maker Money - Dimwit Debunking - Small.png


    Persistent Printer Problems

    For all your PC Load Letter lamentations.

    Maker Money - Printer Problems - Small.png


    Consultation on Electronics Purchase

    Random items purchased after ignoring your consultation are not covered.

    Maker Money - Consultation on Electronics Purchase - Small.png


    Smashed Smartphone Screen Replacement

    Lengthy explanations as to how the damage occurred, and how it wasn't your fault, are not necessary. Parts not included.

    Maker Money - Smashed Smartphone Screen Replacement - Small.png