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    Year in Review Banner 2016.png

    2016 was a great year for The Ben Heck Show. Great team chemistry, great engagement with the rest of the community, a legendary teardown of a rare Nintendo-PlayStation Prototype, a Pokemon Go Survival Kit, and a Hackbotz competition with a Mario Kart twist, were just some of highlights of a really great year.


    We came up with a list of three builds from the past year to try and capture the essence of 2016


    Without further ado here are your 2016 top three builds from the Ben Heck Show:



    Ben Heck's Atari 2600 Portable





    Ben Heck's Giant Game Boy




    Ben Heck's Hackmanji Board Game

    Honorable Mention:

    A lot of tough calls were made narrowing this list down to just three.  The DIY Novena Laptop  won the element14 viewer poll.  Part one was aired in 2015 so it did not make the cut.


    The Raspberry Pi Zero Portable, Pokemon Go Survival Kit, Multi-Retro System Controller, and Virtual Boy were some of the most watched episodes on the community this year.  Any one of those builds would have been worthy of this list.


    The Intel Edison Laser Harp, Superhero Halloween Costume, and teardowns of Xbox One S and PlayStation 4 are definitely worth going back and watching if you haven't seen them already.