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    Welcome to our Experts & Judges for the Upcycle it Design Challenge with Intel® Edison!

    Thank you to Martin from Intel® (martinkronberg), element14 Top Member Mark (mcb1) and Huzefa from Intel® (huzefa_nk) for being on hand to respond to challengers' questions during project builds.


    If you have any questions, you can message martinkronberg, mcb1 and huzefa_nk by @mentioning their usernames in a post. You can also visit their profiles and FOLLOW them to receive all their new posts.


    For any general questions about the challenge, you can post a 'comment' on the About this Challenge page.  Your fellow challengers or anyone following the challenge are likely to respond.  You can also 'bookmark' the Upcycle It Design Challenge to keep up-to-date with all the challenge posts.


    martinkronberg - Intel® Technical Evangelist

    Martin Kronberg head-shot.jpeg

    Martin is a Technical Evangelist for Intel®'s Developer Relations Division. He is responsible for running workshops, creating content, and supporting the developer community in the Internet of Things environment. He is skilled in developing applications that interface hardware with cloud analytics and have included computer vision, robotics, and language processing.


    mcb1 - element14 Top Member & Upcycling Expert

    Mark reached Top Member status very quickly and was also element14's first ever Level 9 member.

    "I trained as an Electronics Technician back when most things glowed, transistors and IC’s were not as common, and the internet didn't exist. I dabbled in BASIC and VB and never really progressed until introduced to Arduino, hence software isn’t my stronghold. I’ve been fortunate to combine my electronics with my hobbies and expand my ‘comfort zone’ by taking part in Design Challenges and RoadTests. My daytime job is a Technical Co-Ordinator for New Zealand's Air Traffic Provider, Airways, where we monitor and respond to faults throughout the country."


    Expertise and Interests:

    • Electronics
    • Hot Rodding
    • Skiing
    • Mechanical Things


    huzefa_nk  - Intel® Support Engineer & Expert for Upcycle it


    Huzefa Kankroliwala is responsible for providing face-to-face and online technical support to Intel®'s ever growing IoT Developer community. He assists with project development, training materials and system/lab maintenance and is skilled in developing and supporting applications for Atom based mobile/tablet and IoT platforms. He has also worked on device drivers and BSPs on Linux platforms for Android devices.