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    From internal combustion to smart cards, many of the tools and processes that now shape our world have their roots in German innovation. In the 21st century, Germany remains one of the most important hubs for engineering and technology in the world. Here at the element14 community, we see this legacy reflected in the many German and German-speaking members who contribute to our road tests and design challenges.


    Over the past few months, we've been paying tribute to German engineering and innovation with a series of articles looking at everything from education to member projects to the rise of the German maker scene. In case you missed it, here's a roundup of everything we've covered so far.


    Introducing the element14 Global Spotlight


    German Engineering at a Glance


    A look at Germany's historical contributions to global engineering and innovation, including vital statistics, largest German manufacturers and notable figures in the history of German engineering.


    We Are Makers - How German, Austrian and Swiss makers are rediscovering their roots


    Austrian member mayermakes kindly contributed this fascinating exploration of the rise of the German-speaking maker scene in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. This article is also available in German.


    Five reasons to study engineering in Germany


    Germany isn't only an important centre of business and manufacturing, it also houses several of the most respected engineering schools in the world. Here are five reasons why prospective students should give the country some consideration when it comes to deciding where to pursue their studies....


    Five of the best | Projects by German-speaking members


    A tribute to some of the most creative design projects and competition entries from German-speaking members of the element14 community, featuring hlipka, mayermakes, crjeder and hwhardsoft.


    Texas Instruments in Germany


    A global leader in semiconductor design and manufacturing, Texas Instruments has had a significant presence in Germany for over fifty years. We spoke to TI Germany's General Manager Andreas Schwaiger about why the country has played such a historically important role in the success of Texas Instruments.


    Have you enjoyed our Germany content so far? Which region would you like to see us focus on next? Let us know in the comments section below, and keep a look out for more Global Spotlight content coming very soon...