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    FuturehomeHere at Farnell element14, we're passionate about supporting innovative tech startups. Whether it's through offering manufacture and distribution support through our strategic alliances with companies such as Futurehome, Pi Supply and The Things Network or helping new initiatives to reach a broader audience and get instant feedback from our members right here on the community, we're always interested in engaging with the grass-roots enterprises that are helping to shape the global engineering market.


    This document collects the wide variety of startups we've featured here on the community so far. Want to have your business featured on our community? Leave a comment below, or contact John Lucas at




    Chirp use advanced data-over-audio technologies to allow information transfer between devices even while those devices are in offline mode. Having already enjoyed demonstrated successful application in public transport and gaming, this innovative enterprise could be music to the ears of many IoT fans.


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    Bringing an internet-based solution to an access control space that's still enamored with plastic keycards, Doordeck seeks to let everyone use the key they already carry with them: their smartphone. Raspberry Pi powers their access control solution, which is less expensive to install than a traditional keycard system and much easier for both building managers and tenants.


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    Founded by a trio of Norwegian students, Futurehome utilises smart technology to allow users to remotely control, automate and monitor hundreds of smart devices through a single Smart Hub gateway, which is managed via a simple, user-friendly app. Already a success in their home country, with support from Farnell element14 they are currently in the process of launching their product onto the global market.


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    Read our interview with Futurehome development manager Odd Eivind Evensen




    Driven by both a love of robotics and a fascination with exploration, OpenROV designs underwater drones that both enthusiasts and researchers can operate. The company started by offering kits that users could assemble to craft their drone, and are now poised to launch a ready-made vehicle called Trident that has expanded capabilities with a mass market appeal.


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    When a pair of NorthWestern University alumni identified the lack of resources for teaching hands-on electronics outside a traditional lab environment, it inspired the development of an inspiring Kickstarter success story. nScope is a USB-powered hardware and software package featuring a power supply, oscilloscope and function generator, effectively transforming any laptop into a portable electronics workbench.


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    Read our interview with nScope founders Nick Marchuk and David Meyer


    Pi Supply


    Starting with the development of a user-friendly solution to managing power flow to Raspberry Pi devices, Pi Supply has blossomed into a Raspberry Pi emporium with a difference; specialising in distributing existing Pi technology combined with their own specially develop accessories, including the Pi Supply Switch and the PiJuice.


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    Read our interview with Pi Supply founder Aaron Shaw


    The Things Network


    Dutch startup The Things Network caused a sensation when they build a crowd-sourced data network that covered the entirety of their home city of Amsterdam without the need to rely on 3G or WiFi. After partnering with Premier Farnell, this long range, low power IoT connectivity solution looks set to go from strength to strength.


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    Read our interview with The Things Network co-founder Wienke Giezeman


    Think Engineer


    Think Engineer is a team of product development specialists who produce bespoke electronics and software, providing clients with fully functional, high-tech prototypes. In 2016 they made the leap from client work to developing their own projects with the launch of CapHat - a Raspberry Pi capacitive keypad HAT accessory


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