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    2012 was a pretty fantastic year for technology. CERN announced the discovery of the "Higgs boson particle", doctors used 3D printing to perform a jaw transplant, and NASA’s Curiosity rover landed on Mars. But perhaps most importantly (in our somewhat biased opinion), we welcomed a single-board bundle of joy into our lives: Raspberry Pi.


    Five years later, the Raspberry Pi is still inspiring makers, educators, and engineers to learn, solve problems, and above all else, have fun with technology. And the #PiParty is just getting started! To celebrate the occasion, the Raspberry Pi Foundation is holding a very special Big Birthday Weekend this March in Cambridge, UK. While some of you may be fortunate enough to join the festivities in person, we wanted to ensure that every member of the element14 community has a chance to send some birthday cheer with a very special #PiParty birthday card. And with your help, we want to make sure it’s a very, very, very big card.



    Comment below with your birthday wishes for the Raspberry Pi and the Raspberry Pi Foundation. We’ll be gathering your messages, printing them out, and putting them into a giant birthday card to send to the good folks at the Raspberry Pi Foundation!


    To ensure that we have enough time to create this masterpiece, be sure to reply no later than February 22nd!


    Happy Birthday, Raspberry Pi!