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    Join the Ben Heck team every week for amazing hacks! Watch them build and mod community-inspired projects using electronics!

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    Get a window into the world of the Ben Heck Show MST3K style! The team is now focused on longer term builds to ensure a more robust design and detailed build!  With this in mind, the team looks back on previous builds, and makes plans to build them again from the ground up! Could they actually bring one of these builds to market?


    Take a look at the builds they considered:

    Felix Hacks a Guitar

    Teensy Pinball Portable Part 1

    Crowdsourced Can Crusher Part 1

    Parallax Sensor Seeing-Eye Hat

    Live Action Minecraft Blocks Part 1

    Hackmanji Board Game Part 1

    Take a look at the poll that decided one of those builds.

    The Ben Heck Team is now going to focus on polishing off one large project as a long term build to bring onto the market as a product. What better way to help determine which one to make than by critiquing past builds, Mystery Science Theatre 3000 style?!  Join Ben, Karen and Max as they talk over snippets from each episode and what it was like behind the scenes, including: the guitar controller mod, the teensy pinball portable, real life minecraft blocks, all seeing eye hat, the Hackmanji build and the great glue gun! Find out which project won the element14 Community poll!