Live Stream: Help Ben Heck Fix a Rare Nintendo Playstation Prototype!

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    Live Stream was on March 12, 2017: 12 PM- 5PM US CDT - Thanks for Watching!



    In this special live stream event The Ben Heck Team asks community members for help fixing a rare Nintendo PlayStation prototype. In a previous episode of 'The Ben Heck Show' Terry and Dan Diebold presented the team with the prototype, thought to be the only one left in existence, so they could do a teardown and fix it.  Now the team is asking for help from the community as they attempt to make history!


    Watch Ben's Previous Attempts to Fix the Nintendo PlayStation Protoype:


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    Episode 247: Ben Heck's Nintendo-Playstation Prototype Teardown Part 2 Repair Episode


    Episode 265: Ben Heck's Nintendo PlayStation Update at Portland Retro Gaming Expo


    Terry and Dan Diebold:



    Watch the recorded Live Stream and Comment Below to help The Ben Heck Team Make History by Fixing a Rare Nintendo Playstation Prototype!


    Your expertise is needed!  Comments were sent directly to the Team as they worked on fixing it!