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    Earlier this month the Raspberry Pi Foundation celebrated it's 5th Birthday, hosting a Big Birthday Weekend and #piparty to celebrate. To help mark the occasion, we wanted to send them something special from members of the element14 community. Here are the results!


    The Birthday Card

    card_full.pngC6ADV4LWAAAAKnf.jpgBack in February, we asked you to send us your well wishes for the Rasperry Pi Foundation so we could put together a truly momentous card to mark the occasion  Needless to say - we succeeded! Dozens of community memebers replied with your comments and signs of birthday cheer,

    and we were able to create a card appropriately sized for all the love and affection we have for the Raspberry Pi.



    You can see it here, with a Raspberry Pi Zero W for scale.














    The Present

    But what's a birthday party without presents? In addition to the card, spannerspencer put together a deluxe version of the Raspberry Pi 3 Retro Gaming Table as a special gift to to the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The table was on site for the event, and you can see for yourself that it was definitely a huge hit.



    {gallery} Pik3a Deluxe Retro Gaming Table






    What's more, he even put together a blog outlining the development process, as well as some of the considerations and challenges he encountered when putting together a deluxe version of one of our most popular projects. You can read more about it's creation, here:  PIK3A Deluxe - Four Player Raspberry Pi Retro Gaming Table.


    So once again, thank you for all your help in enabling us to make Raspberry Pi's 5th Birthday a truly memorable experience. While we know there will be many more years and many more models to come, you only turn 5 once!


    View more from the Big Birthday Weekend over on Twitter, using the hashtag: #piparty.