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    MCUs III

    Industrial Applications


    Microcontrollers are embedded in a range of consumer/commercial products, as well as a wide variety of industrial applications. Since many industrial applications employ automated systems, these applications can benefit from the use of microcontrollers.

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    Parts Used within the Module

    Real-Time Control Microcontrollers
    TMS320F2837xD Dual-Core Delfino™ MicrocontrollerTMS320F2807x Piccolo™ Microcontroller
    InstaSPIN Motor Control Solutions
    TMS320F28069F Piccolo Microcontroller with InstaSPIN-FOC
    F28M3x Microcontrollers
    TMDSDOCKH52C1TMDSDOCKH52C1Experimenter Kit
    TM4C12x Microcontrollers
    IoT Enabled ARM® Cortex®-M4F MCU TM4C129X Connected Development KitTM4C123GE6PM Industrial Microcontroller
    Safety MCUs: The Hercules Family
    Development Board for RM42X Series of Hercules MicrocontrollersDevelopment Board for TMS570 Series of Hercules Microcontrollers
    C2000™ MCU Industrial Drive Solutions
    C2000 DesignDrive Development Kit for Industrial Motor Control

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