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    Hotfix 1.4.1 released July 2017 - Read about it here.


    CS v1.4 is the easiest professional PCB design tool to use, with the 1.4 release now making it easier than ever to transition your historical Eagle™ data into a modern tool, with the peace of mind that you will have continued access to your design files today, tomorrow, and into the future.  In summary, enhancements include:       


    • addition of classes to PCB and Schematic editors

    • improved design rules in PCB to allow the use of Net, Component, Pad, and Polygon classes in rule definitions                                   

    • more than 20 enhancements made specifically to make it easier to switch from Eagle to CircuitStudio, including


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    Of particular note in this release, is the addition of Classes. 


    Within the Schematic editor, Net Classes can be generated using the new Net Class directive and Component Classes are automatically generated for each Schematic Sheet within the hierarchy. 

    Within the PCB editor a new Classes dialog is available on the Home tab in the Design Rules section, and this can be used to create Pad, Polygon, Component, Layer, and Net Classes.

    Design rules in PCB have been improved to allow the use of Net, Component, Pad, and Polygon classes in rule definitions.


    In addition to the above, the transition from Eagle™ to CircuitStudio is now easier and better than ever, with more than 20 enhancements made specifically to ease this migration, including the ability to directly open Eagle™  design files, and the ability to add Eagle™  libraries directly to the Libraries panel. Make sure to check out What’s New and the Release Notes.


    If you are already a CircuitStudio user, these improvements will help to increase your efficiency and allow better control over your design flow. If you are considering CircuitStudio now is the perfect time to make the move as we are currently running a special promotion for Eagle™ users, so come check it out and take advantage of this amazing offer while it lasts!


    Updating To CircuitStudio

    1. Select View >> Start to open the Home page


    2. Select Licenses from the My Account pull-down menu and sign in if
    not already.


    3. Select Extensions and Updates from the My Account pull-down menu.


    4. From the Extensions & Updates page, click the Updates tab.


    5. Click the CircuitStudio 1.4.0 (Build 84) update link to start the
    update process.


    6. Restart CircuitStudio (restart notification window will pop up)

    Alternatively, do a fresh install with


    circuit studio image.png

    The update is also available to download and install via the Update System in CircuitStudio.


    Release Notes

    #244    EAGLE Importer - Improved text alignment.
    #340    EAGLE Importer - Improved display of net labels on schematic wires.
    #346    EAGLE Importer - Improved NetClasses support.
    #348    EAGLE Importer - Improved the import of pad objects.
    #355    EAGLE Importer - Improved mounting hole support in footprints.
    #357    EAGLE Importer - Improved tRestrict and bRestrict layer support.
    #369    EAGLE Importer - DRC track width is now supported correctly.
    #370    EAGLE Importer - Improved support for solder mask rules.
    #371    EAGLE Importer - Improved support for paste mask rules.
    #373    EAGLE Importer - Improved support for polygon clearance.
    #388    EAGLE Importer - Added support for opening EAGLE files instead of importing.
    #390    EAGLE Importer - Added support to import Eagle libraries directly to library panel.
    #399    EAGLE Importer - PCB silkscreen layers now import correctly.
    #400    EAGLE Importer - Added support for hierarchical schematics to Eagle Importer.
    #408    EAGLE Importer - Added support for an unconnected wire to Eagle Importer.
    #413    EAGLE Importer - Via tenting settings are imported correctly.
    #414    EAGLE Importer - Test pads now import onto the correct layer.
    #415    EAGLE Importer - SPIN property on text now imports correctly.
    #432    EAGLE Importer - Added parameters for symbol, gate, device and deviceset names.
    #444    EAGLE Importer - Added support for multi-line text outputs for PCB.
    #459    EAGLE Importer - Improved Hole to Hole clearance rule support.
    #461    EAGLE Importer - Improved Minimum Annual Ring support.
    #494    EAGLE Importer - Improved text positioning issues on overlay layers.
    #497    EAGLE Importer - Polygons are now included in polygon classes.
    #268    Added process to cancel subscription and notify customer if their subscription renewal cannot be completed after 3 processing attempts.
    #307    Fixed an issue where the STEP output crashes for a Teensy 3.2 ARM dev board.
    #332    Added Single Layer Mode toggle options.
    #338    Fixed a bug where creating primitives from board shape doesn't include cutouts if "route tool online" is selected.
    #359    Fixed a bug that would not allow changing the default primitives using the TAB key.
    #360    Fixed a login issue with using an existing account created for a trial version with a new account.
    #365    Added "Bring to Front" and "Send to Back" commands for polygons.
    #402    Fixed a crash in PCB while interactively routing and using recursive via placement.
    #422    Fixed a bug where pad Top-Middle-Bottom padstack X-Size and Y-Size are not saved for Middle and Bottom.
    #424    Added NetClass support to HoleSize rule.
    #428    Fixed import from schematic (ECO), so that PCB footprints are created in the correct place.
    #453    Fixed a bug that caused a footprint to not be found in IntLib libraries that have been created with footprints that weren't linked with the "Library Path".
    #455    Fixed a bug where the component name was missing from the Browse Libraries Footprint View.
    #467    Added Page Setup options to Generate outputs files.
    #471    Fixed a bug that caused the annotation menu to be empty if a document was deleted from a project.
    #479  Added ability to download personal ALF files from a browser.
    #480    Fixed some issues and made improvements to the Account Sign In window.
    #481    Added login/logout items to the My Account drop down menu.



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