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    Live Stream Recorded on April 5, 2017: 3 PM- 6PM US CDT!



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    In an earlier live stream event, Ben Heck made progress fixing a rare Nintendo PlayStation prototype before time ran out. Before returning the prototype to Terry and Dan Diebold the team will once again attempt to fix the hybrid console with help from community members!  Tune in live and submit your feedback here to be a part of history as Ben and his team attempt to fix the only known Nintendo PlayStation hybrid!


    Watch the Progress Made In the Previous Live Stream:


    Live Stream: Help Ben Heck Fix a Rare Nintendo Playstation Prototype!


    Watch Ben's Previous Attempts to Fix the Nintendo PlayStation Protoype:


    Episode 246: Ben Heck's Nintendo-Playstation Prototype Teardown Part 1 Episode


    Episode 247: Ben Heck's Nintendo-Playstation Prototype Teardown Part 2 Repair Episode


    Episode 265: Ben Heck's Nintendo PlayStation Update at Portland Retro Gaming Expo


    Terry and Dan Diebold:



    Watch the Recorded Live Stream as The Ben Heck Team Make History by Fixing a Rare Nintendo Playstation Prototype!


    Witness their progress! Comments were fed directly to the team!