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    element14 Design Challenges require participants to use specified component/s to design and build an innovative project based on a selected theme. After the enrolment period for the Design Challenge ends, 15 members will be sponsored as Official Challengers and provided with a kit that includes the core component/s that must be integrated into the project build.


    How to Enter a Design Challenge as an unofficial challenger

    You don't have to be sponsored to enter! While we are limited in the number of people we can sponsor for every Design Challenge, our Terms & Conditions state that as long as you do the following, any member is still eligible to compete in the challenge:


    1. Submit a Challenge idea/proposal during the initial enrolment permit

    2. Utilize the mandatory component/s

    3. Write up 10 blog posts on the Community before the final submission deadline


    As long as you adhere to the full Terms & Conditions of each Design Challenge you'll be in with as EQUAL CHANCE to win one of the grand prizes on offer!


    still join in design challenges

    So, how can you enter (if you're not sponsored)?

    STEP 1

    Go to the main Design Challenges landing page and click on the Challenge name you are interested in.

    STEP 2

    Once you've arrived, click on CREATE in the menu at the top of the site page, then click 'Blog Post'.

    Note: where you 'Create' a post on element14 is where your content will belong, so to be followed and noticed by the judges of the Challenge you want to enter, you must post your blogs in the 'Place' you want it to seen.

    STEP 3

    Complete your blog title: remember to be consistent every time you post. Good practice is: 'PROJECT NAME - #1 - Stage Description'.

    Complete all your blog content in the large content field, inserting images and video when possible. Note: you can also add to/edit blogs later.


    Check the 'A place's blog' shown is always named the Challenge you want to compete in. If not, click the 'Change' link and type-select the Challenge Name you are entering to correct it so your blog appears in the correct Challenge's 'Recent Blogs' thread). Note: if you get stuck, message Feedback and Support and an administrator can always move your content in to the right 'Place' for you if necessary. Tag every blog with the Design Challenge Name and any keywords relevant to each specific blogs content. 'Publish' or 'Save Draft' to finish and publish later. Note: any blogs with videos embedded will be published even when saved as draft. Video content cannot be hidden on the Community.


    That's why not join in any live Challenges where there is still time to blog 10X?


    Welcoming advice to join Design Challenges from Top Member Judges:

    • "If you don't try, you'll never know"
    • "Learning is about stretching ourselves"
    • "Design Challenges are learning opportunities just waiting to meet someone"
    • "Design Challenges are a solution waiting to be released, so be creative but realistic."
    • "Failure is okay as long as you tried your best and learnt from the experience"
    • "Plan well, document lots, and don't be afraid to ask for some help"


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