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    • Supports various IDE: CCS, IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM Cortex-M4
    • Standalone development platform featuring sensors, LEDs and push-buttons
    • On-board chip antenna with option for U.FL-based testing
    • 2x20-pin stackable connectors (BoosterPack headers) to connect to TI LaunchPads and other BoosterPacks
    • Back-channel universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter (UART) through USB to PC
    • XDS110-based JTAG emulation with serial port for flash programming

    The SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3220SF LaunchPad™ development kit (CC3220SF-LAUNCHXL) highlights CC3220SF, a single-chip wireless microcontroller (MCU) with 1MB Flash, 256KB of RAM and enhanced security features. The CC3220SF-LAUNCHXL features on-board emulation and sensors for a full out-of-the-box experience. This board can be directly connected to a PC for use with development tools such as the Code Composer Studio™ Cloud integrated development environment (IDE).

    The CC3220SF device brings IoT networking security to a new level, empowering developers to easily connect any application to the cloud, with multiple communication protocols.

    There are two variants of the Launchpad: the CC3220S-LAUNCHXL and the CC3220SF-LAUNCHXL.The CC3220 SimpleLink LaunchPad™ Development Kit (CC3220-LAUNCHXL) is a low-cost evaluation platform for ARM® Cortex®-M4-based MCUs. The LaunchPad design highlights the CC3220 Internet-on-a chip™ solution and Wi-Fi capabilities. The CC3220 LaunchPad also features temperature and accelerometer sensors, programmable user buttons, three LEDs for custom applications, and onboard emulation for debugging. The stackable headers of the CC3220 LaunchPad XL interface demonstrate how easy it is to expand the functionality of the LaunchPad when interfacing with other peripherals on many existing BoosterPack™ Plug-in Module add-on boards, such as graphical displays, audio codecs, antenna selection, environmental sensing, and more.


    • LaunchPad Development Board CC3220SF
    • Micro USB Cable
    • Quick Start Guide