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    Logic Gate Board Game
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    Ben is finding new and interesting ways to generate graphics for the logic gate board game. This just keeps getting more interesting. Here's the prototype Ben is working with today.

    Logic Gate Board Game - LCD Test

    Want to help with the build?

    We are having to use a smaller screen than is desirable. This means our inputs will have to be smaller. I found magnetic bag clasps that are great, but they are a bit big. Now we're looking for an alternative for connectors. Regular header pins are not durable enough nor large enough for a child to be able to manipulate them easily. So we need connectors that are around 1/8"-1/4" in diameter and easy to use. The kicker is that they have to be inexpensive in bulk and preferably SMD. We looked into using 3mm jacks like often used for audio cables. The problem is finding SMD jacks that mount perpendicular to the board rather than flush. Tricky tricky. Have any ideas? Post in the comments below!