Version 2

    The i.MX 6 series of applications processors is a feature and performance scalable multicore platform that includes single-, dual- and quad-core families based on the ARM® Cortex® architecture, including Cortex-A9, combined Cortex-A9 + Cortex-M4 and Cortex-A7 based solutions. The i.MX 6 series of applications processors combines scalable platforms with broad levels of integration and power-efficient processing capabilities particularly suited for the next-generation consumer, industrial and automotive applications. Each processor in this family provides various memory interfaces, including 16-bit LPDDR2, DDR3, DDR3L, raw and managed NAND flash, NOR flash, eMMC, Quad SPI and a wide range of other interfaces for connecting peripherals such as WLAN, Bluetooth®, GPS, displays and camera sensors.


    • ARM Cortex-A9, single-, dual- and quad-core platform, scalable upto 1.2 GHz
    • Multi-stream HD video capabilities, 1080p decode/encode and 3D video playback
    • Integrated I/Os which include: HDMI, MIPI and LVDS display ports, MIPI CSl-2 camera, Gigabit Ethernet, multiple USB 2.0 and PCI Express®
    • Comprehensive hardware-enabled security
    • Integrated power management throughout the device
    Single Board Computer

    A feature-rich SBC that simplifies product design and allows developers to easily create projects based on the i.MX 6Quad processor and its primary features. It integrates different on-board interfaces including four serial ports, two CAN2.0, Ethernet, two SATA, PCle, USB Host/OTG, LVDS, HDMI, audio input/output.

    A high performance and energy efficient SBC based on NXP ARM Cortex-A7 I.MX6 Ultra Lite. It provides a number of peripherals and software which include Ethernet, SD Card, UART, CAN, LCD, Camera, WiFi and many more. An ideal solution for industrial control, medical equipment, laboratory equipment applications.


    SMARC ("Smart Mobility ARChitecture") module for applications that require low power, low costs, and high performance. It is based on NXP i.MX6 and has three different variants on the same PCB design, each with different I.MX6 devices.The software package is compatible for the three variants.

    Supporting the i.MX6Quad processor, the Mini9000 allows designers to concentrate on a broad range of applications to achieve short time-to-market for their innovations. It offers a number of on-board signals including CAN2.0, SATA, PCle, USB Host/OTG, LVDS, HDMI, LCD, Audio, Camera signal, making it ideal for industrial applications and intensive multimedia applications.

    Evaluation Kit

    Highly-flexible, market-focused evaluation platform that incorporates SOM-SM9300, based on NXP iMX6 Series multimedia focused processor. This evaluation kit enables four serial ports, two isolated CAN2.0, an Ethernet, two SATA, PCle, four USB host/OTGs, LVDS, HDMI, audio input/output, and a TF card slot.