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    MATRIX Creator Matrix Creator FPGA-driven IoT add-on board loaded with sensors, 802.15.4 radios and a mic array

    MATRIX Creator

    RASPBERRYPI3-MODB-1GB Raspberry Pi 3 Model B with 1GB of RAM with WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy


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    Sensors & Components:

    • 8 MEMS Microphone Array
      (DIY Amazon Echo)
    • FPGA (Xilinx Spartan 6)
    • Microcontroller
      (ARM Cortex M3)
    • Temperature sensor
    • Ultraviolet sensor
    • Pressure sensor
    • 3D Accelerometer
    • 3D Gyroscope
    • 3D Magnetometer
    • Humidity sensor

    Connectivity & Communications:

    • New: Android Things Support
    • Thread
    • NFC
    • IR RX/TX
    • 2 ADC Channels
    • 17 Digital GPIOs
    • ZigBee® (Cert. Pending)
    • Z-Wave® (Cert. Pending)
    • SPI
    • I2C
    • UART

    MATRIX Creator is to teach novice developers about hardware, while providing experts with an extremely useful piece of hardware to add to their tool kit. We want to shape the growth of our existing and future builders, developers, makers, and engineers and reduce friction for hardware creation.

    It is a development board designed for Raspberry Pi with a FPGA, a microcontroller, sensors like an IMU, temperature, humidity, light sensor, IR, 8 microphone array and 35 LED array. Also it has integrated Z-Wave and ZigBee communications, all to allow novice and expert software developers alike to build hardware applications easily.

    MATRIX Creator documentation provide software to program all the chip, the user does not need any external hardware for programing. To simplify hardware application development, the MATRIX creator includes MATRIX OS, which allows developers to build hardware applications in just a few lines of code using JavaScript. Also lower level libraries in C++ are provided that allow more advanced users to take advantage of the hardware and the sensors in a more free way.


    For all automation control systems but most appropriate for home and office automation

    • Build your own Amazon Alexa
    • Voice recognition for home IoT (eg. music, lights, heating, etc)
    • Facial Recognition & Motion Detection - Security

    Also and very important ,we should not only think of home automation. MATRIX Creator is the equivalent of what the iPhone and iOS did for the mobile revolution, but MATRIX is doing that for the convergence of Internet of Things and artificial intelligence:

    • Robotics
    • Enterprise logistics
    • Voice assistants
    • Beamforming/DoA Algorithms
    • Retail intelligence
    • Yelp, Airbnb type of applications connecting data and client interactivity in the physical world utilizing our technology, OS, computer vision libraries
    • MATRIX Creator One Board
    Board Support PackageGitHub Code (.html)