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    Project14 is a monthly project competition platform from element14.  It's open to all who want to participate.  Every month you decide upcoming themes or come up with your own Monthly Themes for future competitions in a Monthly Theme Poll.  You can win swag for coming up with ideas or images that are used in upcoming polls.


    You can also participate in project competitions to earn a shopping cart reward.  Multiple rewards are awarded every month to help encourage novices, experts, and everyone in between to learn from one another and share the journey of turning ideas into projects.




    Previous Project Themes

    Wacky Automation Devices

    Theme Doc: Project14 | Using Rube Goldberg Projects to Consider Design Engineering

    Winners: TBD

    Solar Powered Yard Gadget

    Winners Announcement: Project14 | Solar Powered Yard Gadget Winners, Shopping Cart Up For Grabs!

    Winners: carmelito for Tilt Solar Light and  shabaz  for Building a Solar Charger

    DIY Test Equipment

    Winners Announcement: Project14 | Winners Announcement: Inspiring DIY Test Equipment Projects!

    Winners: shabaz  for  Cyclops-1000: An Electronic Eye for Rotational Speed Measurementjw0752  for Process Duration Timer rsc  for Mini Air Jet , and ipv1 for DIY Constant Current Load.

    Going Green

    Winners Announcement: Project14 | Going Green Winners, Step Climbers, Finishers, Influencers, and Trophies!

    Winners: idanre1 for IOT Irrigation valve, and fvan for Chicken Coop Livestream!

    Geeky Gadgets

    Winners Announcement: Project14 | Geeky Gadget Winners, Founders, and Mentor Badge Announcement!

    Winners: fvan for Project Portfolio Badge, dougw for Geeked Out Business Cards, and shabaz for Build your own Torch/Flashlight!

    Techno Toys

    Winners Announcement: Techno Toys Project14 Competition!

    Winners: dougw for Sparky the Power Chick, Molham for DollaS Dancer, and idanre1 for This little bug has a bug