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Version 9


    Monthly project competitions, chances to win prizes, you decide monthly themes, your ideas, your projects, turn ideas into projects.

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    Suggest Ideas for Themes in the Comments Below!


    Last month, you decided on Going Green for June!


    Let us know what Project Competition you want for July!



    How are Monthly Themes selected?

    • Around the 14th of every month a new poll will go up with themes to choose from.
    • Comments will be used to decide themes for upcoming polls.
    • The poll will remain open until the 14th of the following month and soon replaced with a new poll.
    • The poll will decide the monthly project competition for the next following month.


    How do you submit your own Project14 idea?

    • Present your theme idea in the comments section of the monthly poll
      • If you think of an idea for a monthly project competition theme you can select the final option to vote a new idea which you present in the comments section.
      • You can also vote for an existing theme idea in the monthly poll and submit as many monthly theme ideas as you like in the comments section.
    • If you would like to present an idea but would like feedback from other community members first, you can start a new discussion thread.


    Have an idea of your own for a Monthly Theme?


    Use the comments below to give community members more ideas to vote on!