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    Test Your Knowledge On German Engineering

    From industry-leading manufacturers to local makers, the German-speaking engineering scene is one of the healthiest and most innovative in the world. Over the past months, we’ve been shining a light on the many aspects of German engineering with our Global Spotlight series.

    Think you know your Karl Benz from your Konrad Zuse? Take our quiz to earn a German Engineering Badge. Hint: If you get stuck, you can find all of the answers somewhere in our Germany Global Spotlight series...


    1) What was Germany’s top export as of 2015?


    2) With annual revenue of $254 billion (2015), what is Germany’s largest manufacturer


    3) Which of these countries is not a part of the German-speaking maker market?


    4) How many “Maker Faire” events were held in Austria in 2016?


    5) Which of these is not considered a key benefit of studying engineering in Germany?


    6) Which of our members has two entries featured in our top five projects by German Speaking element14 contributors?


    7) What does HIC stand for in the context of Hendrik Lipka’s Skier Impact Monitor design?


    8) Where do Texas Instruments have their EMEA headquarters?


    9) In what year did Texas Instruments first establish a presence in Germany?


    10) Which famous German aviation pioneer was cited as a major inspiration by the Wright Brothers?

    Alas, you only got %. Better luck next time. Seems you need to brush up on your Germany trivia. Read over our German Engineering content series and try again...
    Congratulations! You scored % and really know your stuff about German Engineering. You’ve earned the Germany Global Spotlight badge - Sehr gut!