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    Circuit Protection I

    Circuit Breakers

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    We are living in the age of mechatronics — the intersection of electronics, mechanical engineering and advanced computer control. When electronics design engineers work at their benches, huddled over their breadboards and test equipment, they may increasingly be part of the mechatronic design process, which places value on a cross-functional, interdisciplinary knowledge base. To that end, element14 decided to offer a learning module on circuit breaker essentials for an electronics design engineer community. This learning module will provide you with the essential understanding of circuit breaker protection, arc interruption theory, overcurrent protection, and examples of commonly used circuit breakers in mechatronic product designs.

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    Parts Used within the Module

    Residential Low Voltage Circuit Breakers
    CH110 1-Pole Thermal-Magnetic Breaker 120/240VAC 10ACHF120 1-Pole Thermal-Magnetic Breaker 120/240VAC 20ACH120AF 1-Pole FIREGUARD AFCI Circuit Breaker 120/240VAC 20A
    CHFCAF120PN 1-Pole Combination Arc Fault Circuit Breaker 120/240VAC 20A Plug-On MountCHFGFT120 1-Pole Ground Fault w/Flag Circuit Breaker 120/240VAC 20A
    Industrial Miniature Circuit Breakers
    FAZ-D20/2-NAFAZ-D20/2-NA 2-Pole Thermal-Magnetic Circuit Breaker DIN® railBAB1015V 1-Pole QUICKLAG Circuit Breaker 120/240VAC Bolt-OnHQP1010 1-Pole QUICKLAG Circuit Breaker 120/240VAC Plug-On
    Molded Case Circuit Breakers
    GD3015 3-Pole Circuit Breaker 480VAC/250VDC, C Series G-FrameEGE3015FFGEGE3015FFG 3-Pole Thermal-Magnetic Circuit Breaker 415VAC 15A, G Series EG-Frame DIN® rail Panel
    Trip Unit
    XTPE065DCS Electronic MMP Trip Unit, Frame D 16-65A

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