Version 2
    Tl's AM437x processor is based on scalable ARM Cortex-A9 core which is a high-performance processor designed around the high efficiency dual-issue superscalar. It delivers exceptional levels of performance and power efficiency with the functionality required for leading edge products across the broad range of consumer, networking, enterprise and mobile applications.

    • ARM Cortex-A9 processor, Scalable from 300MHz - 1 GHz
    • Advanced 3D graphics acceleration
    • Quad core PRU-ICSS for industrial Ethernet protocols and position feedback control
    • Robust hardware enablement for differentiated peripherals: Gigabit Ethernet, Display connectivity, USB 2.0, Flexible communications interfaces
    • Crypto and Secure boot* option
    • Applications: Industrial communication, Connected Industrial Drives, Portable Data Terminals, Barcode Scanners
    Single Board Computer


    A SBC designed for industrial and embedded applications, which interfaces with SOM-PH8800/PH8700. It also provides additional peripheral functions and connectors including Gigabit Ethernet interface, USB, LCD, Camera, HDMI, TF card slot, RS232, CAN, RS485 and so on.


    A low cost compact SBC design based on Tl's high-performance Sitara AM437X processor, integrated with Gigabit Ethernet, USB2.0 (Host, OTG), LCD, Camera, Micro SD card, and 80pin header for further expansion of the processor signals.



    SMARC ("Smart Mobility ARChitecture") module based on Tl's AM437x scalable ARM Cortex-A9 for applications that require low power, low costs, and high performance. It is able to meet high performance request from complex industrial control and computing.


    The CPU module integrates Tl's Sitara AM4378 processor and peripheral memory, and can be connected to an expansion board through PH180 interface. SOM-PH8800 is compatible with the whole family of AM437x processors.

    Evaluation Kit


    An evaluation kit based on SOM-SM8800 SMARC module to accelerate development for industrial and networking applications. It is a low-cost ARM Cortex-A9 processor based platform integrated with USB, HMI, Dual Gigabit Ethernet, Audio, Camera and Touch Interface.


    An evaluation platform based on SOM-PH8800, integrated with Tl's Sitara AM437X processor. It includes USB2.0 (Host, OTG), Dual Gigabit Ethernet, Camera, VGA/HDMI, LCD, Audio, CAN, RS485 to help you begin building

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