Version 2
    Tl's Sitara™ AM335x Processor is based on highly-optimized ARM® Cortex®-AS core for performance and power efficiency. The AM335x Cortex-AS-based processor can meet the requirements for power optimized systems with a power budget of less than 1W.


    • ARM Cortex-AB processor, scalable from 300MHz - 1 GHz
    • 3D graphics option for enhanced user interface
    • Dual core PRU-ICSS for industrial Ethernet protocols and position feedback control
    • Robust hardware enablement for differentiated peripherals: LCD Controller, CAN, Gigabit EMAC, 2x USB w/PHY, touch screen control, integrated industrial protocols
    • Premium secure boot option
    • SGX530 Graphics Engine
    Single Board Computer


    An SBC based on SOM-PHB700 featuring Tl's Sitara AM335x processor. Highly integrated with Gigabit Ethernet, DDR3, USB, HDMI and LCD touch screen interface for stable and rapid development or as an end product to achieve faster time to market.


    An excellent high-performance SBC, driven by a tiny CPU Module MiniB600B based on Tl's 1 GHz Sitara AM335B processor and integrated with peripherals including six serial ports (2*RS232, 3*TTL, 1 *RS4B5), dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, two USB Host, USB OTG, LCD with touch screen interface, Audio in/output ports and CAN interfaces. Ideal solution for remote control and monitoring or mass connectivity.



    A highly cost effective system on module which serves as a building block and easily integrates into any embedded solution based on high performance Tis' Sitara AM335x family of processors. It integrates an AM335x (AM335B) processor and external memory and can be easily connected to an expansion board.


    Measuring 60mm by 27mm, a controller board based on Tl's Sitara AM335B ARM Cortex-AB high performance processor. The tiny module integrates 2*256MBytes DDR3 SDRAM and 512Mbytes NANO Flash, and uses two 0.4mm space 2*40-pin board-to-board male expansion connectors.

    Evaluation Kit


    A comprehensive evaluation kit consisting of SOM-PHB700 featuring Tl's Sitara AM335x processor. It offers USB ports with OTG, Gigabit Ethernet, UART, HDMI, CAN, Audio, Camera, WiFi, LCD etc. for rapid development for smart appliance, industrial and networking applications.


    A complete development platform for Tl's Sitara AM3359 ARM Cortex-AB processor, it supports running Linux, WinCE and Android. Peripherals include serial ports, USB, Ethernet, CAN, RS4B5, LCD, Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth, Audio, ADC, SPI, l2C and JTAG.

    BeagleBone Family

    A family of single board computers providing a lower cost, high expansion focused BeagleBoard with a low cost ARM Sitara TM AM3358 processor from Texas Instruments. The BeagleBone family is internet ready and runs Angstrom, Ubuntu, Android and Debian.
    These add-on boards allow you to add more features and functionality to your BeagleBone Black. Add Wifi, BLE, touchscreen display, sensing, ADC, Bluetooth, GPS or GSM/GPRS to your design and get everything you need to develop your next big thing!


    • AM335x 1 GHz ARM® Cortex-AB
    • 512MB DDR3 800MHz RAM
    • 4GB Embedded eMMC Flash with Debian Distribution
    • SGX530 graphics accelerator
    • NEON floating-point accelerator
    • 2x PRU 32-bit 200MHz microcontrollers
    • USB Host/Client
    • Micro HDMI output
    • microSD Card Slot
    • Software Compatibility: Debian, Android, Ubuntu
    Single Board Computer

    BeagleBone Blue

    BeagleBone Blue is the affordable and complete educational robotics controller built around the popular BeagleBone open hardware computer. With complete robotics education curriculum, barriers to learning and growing are completely eliminated.

    BeagleBone Black Wireless

    Now the BeagleBone Black has WiFi and Bluetooth, the newest board in the Beagle Bone TM family: BeagleBone TM Black Wireless. The popular open source Beagle Bone TM Black computer now also comes with built-in wireless networking capability.

    BeagleBone Black

    A low-cost, community-supported development platform for developers and hobbyists, with a low cost ARM Sitara TM AM3358 processor from Texas Instruments. The BeagleBone Black is internet-ready and runs Angstrom, Ubuntu, Android and Debian.

    BeagleBone Black Industrial

    The BeagleBone Black Industrial answers the need for an industrial rated SBC with extended temperature range. It is also software and cape compatible with the original BeagleBone Black.