Version 4

    Now that the design and layout of the PCB is complete it is time to produce the output documentation needed to get the board reviewed, fabricated and assembled. Because a variety of technologies and methods exist in PCB manufacture, CircuitStudio has the ability to produce numerous output types for different purposes.


    Assembly Outputs:

    • Assembly Drawings - component positions and orientations for each side of the board.
    • Pick and Place Files - used by robotic component placement machinery to place components onto the board.


    Documentation Outputs:

    • Composite Drawings - the finished board assembly, including components and tracks.
    • PCB 3D Prints - views of the board from a three-dimensional view perspective.
    • Schematic Prints - schematic drawings used in the design.


    Fabrication Outputs:

    1. Final Artwork Prints - combines various fabrication outputs together as a single printable output.
    2. Gerber Files - creates manufacturing information in Gerber format.
    3. NC Drill Files - creates manufacturing information for use by numerically controlled drilling machines.
    4. ODB++ - creates manufacturing information in ODB++ database format.
    5. Power-Plane Prints - creates internal and split plane drawings.
    6. Solder/Paste Mask Prints - creates solder mask and paste mask drawings.
    7. IPC-2581 Standard - creates an XML-based single file format that incorporates a rich range of board fabrication data – from layer stackup details though to full pad/routing /component information and the Bill Of Materials (BOM).


    Report Outputs:

    1. Bill of Materials - creates a list of parts and quantities (BOM), in various formats, required to manufacture the board.



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