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    Congratulations to dougw for Sparky the Power Chick , Molham  for DollaS Dancer , and idanre1 for This little bug has a bug!


    You are the winners of the Techno Toys  project competition from  Project14!


    You win a $100 shopping cart for any element14 transactional site!


    It's time to announce the winners of the first monthly project competition for Project14, Techno Toys. It turns out that launching a new program on the community is a lot harder than it looks.  Yet, despite the uncertainty, and despite the challenges inherent in launching any new Electronics & Design Projects platform, it's a thrill to showcase three worthy first place finishers, and also acknowledge two other submissions that were voted on by our judges.  Thanks to your feedback, you can expect continued support from the community for the new program by the element14 intelligentsi.


    Now, without further ado here are your first place winners for the first ever Project14 Electronics & Design Competition:


    The Winners


    Sparky the Power Chick







    "Sparky was a marvelous way to 'upcycle' something by adding some other bits." - Anonymous Judge


    "Power Chick is simple, well written up and (has) a nice video" - Anonymous Judge


    DollaS Dancer






    "I agree, definitely not primitive. A system of sensor, control and actuators (motor+music). I think all of the projects presented are the right sizes for what I think project14 is." - Anonymous Judge


    This little bug has a bug






    "This little bug is another excellent example of upcycling." - Anonymous Judge


    Honorable Mention


    No system of judging is perfect and the following projects received votes from our panel:










    Congratulations to our winners, and once again, thank you to everyone who helped launch this program. Be sure to check out the current Project14 competitions, Geeky Gadgets and Going Green.



    Be sure to congratulate the winners in the comments below and tell us what we can do to make this program even better!