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    Super Glue Gun
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    Recently, I was building a case for a project for the show and I discovered I needed a very specific feature from my glue gun. I was adding a bracket to the inside of a case that ran the length of the case and was only an inch or two away from the side wall. I wanted to hot glue the brace of the bracket in place. My typical glue gun could fit into the space, but not at the angle I required to reach where the brace met the case. I ended up bodging it by using a heat gun to melt the end of a glue stick that I held with pliers and then smearing the hot glue where I wanted it. This resulted in more glue than necessary being used and was a bit messier than I would have preferred. Having a glue gun with a long, narrow nozzle would have worked great, or even possibly a flexible nozzle to reach that awkward angle.


    Have you ever worked on a project that made you wish for a tool with an unconventional feature? Ever needed your glue gun to be able to do just a little bit more? Tell us your stories. Maybe there's even a solution already out there!