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    Congratulations to fvan for Project Portfolio Badgedougw for Geeked Out Business Cards , and shabaz for Build your own Torch/Flashlight!


    You are the winners of the  Geeky Gadgets project competition from Project14!


    You win a $100 shopping cart from any element14 transactional site!


    It's time to announce the winners of the second monthly project competition from Project14 , Geeky Gadgets.  This competition coincided with Geek Pride Day on May 25th, and produced some really great content, whether it was letting the community's collective Geek flag fly by Celebrating Geek Pride with Geeky Gadgets (This competition coincided with Star Wars Day, Towel Day for Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and gave us the opportunity to talk about Data from the Goonies) , taking a look back at some of the awesome  Star Wars vs Star Trek  projects produced by our community members in the past (rumor has it one of danzima interview questions before being accepted to join the element14 team was whether he liked Star Wars or Star Trek), adding some geeky projects such as a Geeked Out Business Cards or Project Portfolio Badge to let the rest of the community know that Project14 has arrived, and shabaz stepping up to the plate to encourage more people to submit Project14 project entries by showing people how they could Build your own Torch/Flashlight!


    Here is an up close look at the first place winners of the second Project14 Electronics & Design Competition:


    The Winners


    Project Portfolio Badge








    "Portfolio badge is the winner, because it is more complete and also a bit more complex" - Anonymous Judge


    "Portfolio badge gets my vote, a well documented and stylish project." - Anonymous Judge


    Geeked Out Business Cards



    Build your own Torch/Flashlight!








    There weren't as many entries or complete entries as with Techno Toys but the content provided by all three of these make them worthy winners.  Project Portfolio was the universal consensus for what a Project14 winner should look like.  It's also been the most popular Project14 project on the community since the program began!


    We've now done two of these competitions and learned a lot in the process.  The program is continuing to mature and would be nothing without the support of the community members.


    Founders Badges


    Because badges are how we roll here in the community,  e14megan  made Founders Badges for the following founders of Project14:


    Special thanks to the following community members for making this possible:


    balearicdynamics , bwelsby , COMPACTcomputerguy101 , DABdougw , dragonstyne , dweb98 , fisher0251 , gam3t3ch , ipv1 , jancumps , jkutzsch , jw0752 , lkornel , mayermakesmcb1 , mconners , michaelwylie , mike_lm , ninjatrent , ntewinkel , oisinogorman , oksbwn , retrogamer , rpbruiser , satyavrat , shabaz , splash07s , toukomputer , Workshopshed , rachaelp , gadget.iom , Instructorman , Molham , jlangbridge , jc2048 , koudelad , the-dubster , carmelito , pettitda , sunnyiut , beacon_dave , gpolder , nandohila , dwinhold , hlipka , sleuz , Fred27jarain_78rhe123 , gelmi , volly , cybermah , rsc , jack.chaney56 , sakthi.1260 , fvan , jomoenginer , terrypokorny , armour999 , and tech_nut81 .


    And Finally, as a Midwesterner it feels strange to say this....


    "I'm from the Midwest. We were told it's not polite to talk about yourself." - Don Draper




    ...but I asked e14megan to give me a badge  tariq.ahmad .




    I'm no lone wolf, and I had the support of lots of people here so I asked her to give them all badges too starting with herself  e14megan.  The program is only possible if the people here support it (in addition to the support of community members) so the following people get Founders badges too: danzima, flyhaf1, e14phil , Sarribas , cstanton , plowe , pchan , randogless , dudley.nelson , kellyhensen , e14mindi , and summerella .


    Thank you for supporting Project14 with your likes, participation, and suggestions.


    As long as we continue listening to the community members (they know a lot more than we do) I have no doubt that this program has a promising future!


    Because this is Project14, we tried to be as inclusive as possible, if we forgot anyone contact either myself tariq.ahmad or e14megan  and we'll look into it.


    Mentors Badges



    One of the things we wanted to do with this program is to encourage support from community members for people who are struggling with their projects or are new to the community.


    The following members have been awarded mentor badges:  dougw , DAB , balearicdynamics , Workshopshed , beacon_dave , shabaz , ntewinkel , gadget.iom , rachaelp , mcb1 and jw0752


    Mentors keep on doing what you're doing!


    You are what makes this program unique!