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    Ben and Karen look through suggestions from the community about the Logic Board Game. Suggestions include using connections similar to snap circuits to make junctions possible and magnetic clasp to make it easier to join circuits. Another suggestion involves using a simple wire matrix connected with push pins for the circuit connection.


    Community Feedback comes from fisher0251 and DAB!

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    fisher0251 has some ideas on how to improve the game for its audience. He taught middle and high school for 11 years before going into engineering.  He also has four sons between ages of 2 to 13 so he's seen a ton of educational games. He suggests that the connections be made similar to snap circuits, to make junctions possible. Magnetic clasps would make it easier for kids to join the mechanical straps.

    DAB suggests a simple wire matrix that can be connected with push pins for circuit connections. This would be along the lines of a physical PLD matrix to connect inputs and outputs of the logic gates. You could figure out a simple design and possible 3D printer setup with a peg board structure.