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    Change the World: Winners Announced

    Welcome to the Change the World Competition!


    The "Change the World" competition was launched in November 2016 to inspire design engineers of all ages and experience, to explore their ideas and to put their design skills to the test with a solution that could change the world for the better with just $1,000 of products from Premier Farnell. A team of experts had the task of reviewing all the entries and shortlisting 25 finalists.  The finalists then had the chance to submit a video explaining their ideas in more detail. From these videos, 10 winners were selected to receive their chosen products and the opportunity to engage further with you, the element14 Community.

    Please join us in congratulating the Change the World Winners.  We look forward to reading all your initial blogs introducing your project designs:

    Cristian Currò | Bob Hannent | Martyn Kaye | Alvaro Ruben Hurtado Maldonado | Nikolaos Maliganis | Jacek Pieczaba | Umang Navnit Rajdev | Saleem Ulla Shariff | Adam Sojecki | Kurtis Unger

    Cristian Currò

    Project: BOB (3D Printed Incubator)

    Synopsis: This 3D printed incubator addresses the lack of medical technologies for children in the first moments of their lives in the less-developed parts of the world. This incubator will support newborn children who are critically ill, reducing infant mortality.

    Cristian Currò's project blogs

    Bob Hannent
    United Kingdom

    Project: Low Cost Digital Stethoscope

    Synopsis: This project aims to transform a traditional stethoscope, which requires a trained medical practitioner, into a digital stethoscope that can be used at home.

    Bob Hannent's project blogs

    Martyn Kaye
    United Kingdom

    Project: Taking Smart Meters to the Next Level

    Synopsis: This project will adapt smart meters, making them into tools that will recognize when a vulnerable or elderly person is ill or injured, they will contact family and friends to summon help.

    Martyn Kaye's project blogs

    Alvaro Ruben Hurtado Maldonado

    Project: Andean Smart Farming

    Synopsis: This project will support two of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Hunger Zero and Economic Growth, with a device that will provide knowledge to Andean Farmers on how to produce food in a sustainable way.

    Alvaro Ruben Hurtado Maldonado's project blogs

    Nikolaos Maliganis

    Project: IoTBeezness

    Synopsis: The project will deliver an integrated toolbox which can be used during all beekeeping activities to help beekeepers manage production, monitor colonies and deliver advice that will improve quantity and quality of agiculture products, as well as reducing the time and cost involved in keeping bees.

    Nikolaos Maliganis's project blogs

    Jacek Pieczaba

    Project: SmogCleaner

    Synopsis: This project aims to combat smog using an intelligent electronic filter. This filter is self-cleaning and self-regulated, making it an easy and simple device to use.

    Jacek Pieczaba's project blogs

    Umang Navnit Rajdev
    United Kingdom

    Project: Improving Education using Raspberry Pis and the Internet of Things

    Synopsis: This project will improve the education system within remote villages of Kenya, using cloud services and Raspberry Pi boards configured in an Internet of Things network to transfer data to and from remote schools.

    Umang Navnit Rajdev's project blogs

    Saleem Ulla Shariff

    Project: Smart Low Cost Portable Diagnostic Center for Rural India

    Synopsis: In remote villages in rural India there is a lack of medical facilities.  This project will use the Internet of Things to build a low-cost portable diagnostic centre that could be deployed in every village, allowing better diagnosis of conditions and improving the healthcare available.

    Saleem Ulla Shariff's project blogs

    Adam Sojecki

    Project: Intelligent Helper of the Blind and Partially Sighted

    Synopsis: A multiprocessor system using a combination of signals from different sources that helps blind and visually impaired people to navigate in their daily lives.

    Adam Sojecki's project blogs

    Kurtis Unger

    Project: Peer-to-Peer Power Sharing

    Synopsis: This project will improve the efficiency of electricity use by off-grid communities in a sustainable and affordable way. A peer-to-peer mesh microgrid will be created, allowing communities that are not supported by outside power companies to have access to electricity.

    Kurtis Unger' project blogs

    Thank you to all participants!