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    I recently met with Cypress concerning their new PSoc 6 MCU product line. The company believes the PSoc 6 is a real winner for engineers developing IoT products. In conjunction with the PSoc 6, they've produced a BLE Pioneer Dev Kit, based on its new PSoC 6 dual-core MCU architecture,


    Here's an Unboxing Video of the dev kit:



    Here's a quick overview of the PSoc 6 MCU architecture:

    What's unique about the PSoc 6 is that it bridges the gap between application processors and standard microcontrollers. It features:

    •     Dual-core ARM® Cortex®-M4 and ARM Cortex®-M0+, running at 150-MHz and 100-MHz, ultra-low-power 40nm architecture
    •     Ultra-low-power design that consumes as little as 22-μA/MHz in active power mode1 and 4.5-μA in deep sleep modes
    •     Flexibility with wired and wireless connectivity options, software defined peripherals, and CapSense®
    •     Integrated, hardware-based Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) with secure data storage



    The PSoC 6 MCU architecture reduces energy consumption with:

    •     Dynamic voltage and frequency scaling enabling both performance- and power-critical processing
    •     Auxiliary core which can be used as an offload engine for power efficiency, allowing the main core to sleep
    •     Ultra-low-power system: 22-µA/MHz active (Cortex®-M4) and 15-µA/MHz active (Cortex®-M0+)


    Dual-Core Architecture

    The PSoC 6 has a flexible dual-core architecture to optimize system power consumption and performance. This architecture has two processors CM0+ and CM4 on the same die, with all the memory and peripherals available for use by both the cores. This adds a lot of value to the user who wants to set up a system where the processing load is shared by the two cores.

    Cypress PSoC 6 Architecture


    The PSoC 6 provides secure, internal storage for firmware, applications and secure assets, including:

    •     Scalable secure memory for multiple, independent user-defined security policies,
    •     Cryptographic algorithms including elliptical-curve cryptography (ECC) and advanced encryption standard (AES) with integrated hardware coprocessors
    •     A specialized hardware block designed to offload compute-intensive tasks from the main processor


    Are you Looking for a Device That's Built for the Internet of Things? Then Check out the PSoc 6!

    Cypress believes that the PSoC 6 will serve as the catalyst for differentiated IoT devices because:

    •     Software-defined peripherals can be used to create custom analog front-ends (AFEs) or digital interfaces for innovative system components such as electronic-ink displays.
    •     Flexible wireless connectivity options, including fully integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.0.
    •     CapSense® capacitive-sensing technology, enabling modern touch and gesture-based interfaces
    •     Support by Cypress's PSoC Creator™ Integrated Design Environment (IDE) and the expansive ARM ecosystem.


    Click here for some application examples.


    If you are new to Cypress PSoC MCUs, click here for a glossary of key PSoC terms.


    Before I offer a RoadTest on this product, I'm curious to learn what would be your favorite project builds with this kit? And why the PSoc 6 is a great fit for your idea. Thanks.


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    Randall Scasny

    RoadTest Program Manager