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    6.PNGDo you like to drink beer? (Of course, you do!)


    Beer has been enjoyed by humanity for thousands of years. It is considered one of the oldest beverages consumed by humans. It didn't take much technology to produce beer 7,000 years ago, but the art of brewing beer is being improved today with the help of Industry 4.0 advanced manufacturing technology.


    5.PNGThe Research Brewery of the Munich Technical University is making use of technology, including automation, analytics, and management systems, to optimize different parts of the brewing process. In their research lab, they are using an analog-to-digital converter to translate sensor data from the various tanks, such as temperature and volume, into digital signals. This is then received and processed by MSP430 microcontroller, which automatically triggers actions based on the data.


    In the brewing process, a low temperature prompts the system to heat up the beer mash. Pressure, temperature and volume data captured by sensors in the straining vat is used to control the speed at which the liquid is filtered.

    All of this information can be monitored remotely via a tablet, PC or smartphone, so brewers can react quickly if problems occur.



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