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    sudo Sergeant
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    In this edition of sudo Sergeant, Felix scratches the surface of a few popular distributions of Linux. He goes over the roots of Linux for historical reference, discusses Debian which brings you Ubuntu and Raspbian, Red Hat which brings you Fedora, mentions Slackware, and closes with Arch Linux.



    Felix goes over the roots of the Linux family tree. He traces the Linux line of succession all the way down to LS or Soft Landing Linux and MCC which comes to you via the Manchester Computer Center. He can't speak to it other than as a historical reference, nor is he aware of whether either one of them is being maintained. There are so many branches of Linux that it would be impossible for anyone to go over all of them in a short segment. However, Felix can and does mention the ones that he finds important.


    The first distribution he goes over is the Debian. It's a great distribution to own but you have to be aware that its been adapted and branched out into many different distributions. The one that most people are aware of is Ubuntu and for many people, it's their introduction to Linux and GNU. Another Debian distribution, most people that are aware of because of its association with Raspberry Pi, is the Raspbian distribution. Raspbian is great because it's designed for the Raspberry Pi and very well supported by the Raspberry Pi Foundation.


    Slackware is another important distribution of Linux that's been getting some interest these days. Slackware has a shorter lineage than Debian but isn't something that Felix can speak to because he's never installed it or used it for anything.  The next distribution of Linux that Felix goes over is Red Hat. Red Hat is developed by a multinational software company that provides open-source solutions to the enterprise community. Red Hat has been influential in setting standards for Linux computing through the industry. Fedora, a very popular distribution of Linux, is brought to you by Red Hat Company. Fedora is the community edition of Red Hat so you know its awesome.


    The Final distribution that Felix goes over is Arch Linux. The importance of the Arch Linux distribution lies in the fact that it's different than the other distributions. If you've ever been interested in the inner workings of an operating system, this is something that you can learn after installing it a few times. What makes it cool is that it enables a person to customize an entire operating system the way a person would like it to be.  All of this is just scratching the service.  In a future sudo Sergeant, Felix will go over which distribution to use for your particular application!

    Do you have a particular flavor of Linux that you prefer to use?

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