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    Congratulations to idanre1 for IOT Irrigation valve and fvan for Chicken Coop Livestream!


    You are the winners of the  Going Green  project competition from Project14!


    You win a $100 shopping cart from any element14 transactional site!


    There weren't as many project submissions for this competition so it didn't make sense to do the usual community member voting. That's doesn't mean that what we saw wasn't amazing!  When it comes to electronics and design competitions it's quality over quantity and this month's winners were all quality.


    To jazz things up a bit we're also introducing four new badges: Step Climber, Finisher, Influencer, and Trophies!


    The Winners


    IOT Irrigation valve


    This project is truly awesome.  idanre1 is what the program is all about.  Being apart of the community inspired him to build an IoT Irrigation valve that uses arduino to replace an irrigation valve that went off regardless of the temperature.



    pastedImage_0 (2).png


    I must mention project14 is awesome!  It gets me started doing project I have always wanted to do, but didn't find the time. For some reason because it is done in a community way, I find myself more stimulated doing nice projects   - idanre1




    pastedImage_0 (1).png



    Chicken Coop Livestream


    fvan didn't want to see the Going Green theme go to waste so he created a solar powered video streamer as a weekend project!

    Untitled collage.jpg

    The project captured the heart of our very own e14phil whose parents just happened to have begun building of a solar powered IR motion cam to monitor the hedgehog house in his parent's back garden!


    fvan, What great timing! I was JUST about to begin build of a solar powered IR motion cam. My parents have a hedgehog house in their back garden and were looking to monitor it. You have done all the leg work for me haha!  Thank you. - e14phil




    Earn Step Climber Badges for Taking the First Steps!


    Project14 is an inclusive electronics & design competition where community members vote on the project competition they want to compete in to earn a reward. Its open to all community members who want to participate. Every month there is a new project theme poll where you get a chance to also submit ideas and images that can be voted on in future competitions.


    Its a way for novices, experts, and everyone in between to learn from one another and share the journey of turning ideas into projects.  To encourage as many people as possible to just go out there and start doing projects we're awarding step climber badges. Just trying is an experience worth having even If you don't get to your final destination.  From now on, when you attempt to do a project we'll award you a step climber badge just for getting started.


    The following community members have been awarded Step Climber badges:


    rsc , armour999 , tech_nut81 , idanre1 , Molham , dougw, lahey , Workshopshed , shabaz , fvan , sasquatch84 , jc2048 , balearicdynamics , jancumps , koudelad , jw0752 , and pabilo .


    Earn Finisher Badges for Completing the Journey!


    Getting to the finish line is an even bigger reward and we want to fill element14 with really cool project videos to show off how awesome our community members are.   Video is fun and we want a lot more video on the community!


    The journey starts by taking first steps and ends with video proof that it works.  (or at least proof that it sort of worked)  In addition to listing the steps it took you to get there, we're looking for a clever name, something that's original, and finally a video of your completed project.


    The following community members have been awarded Finisher badges:  rsc , tech_nut81 , idanre1 , Molham , dougw , fvan , jc2048 , balearicdynamics , koudelad , shabaz , and jw0752 .


    Earn Influencer Badges for Influencing the Direction of the Program!


    100x100influencer.pngThe idea of Project14 came from a thread in the top members section where they were interested in doing a quick monthly project competition.  It soon evolved to include monthly themes that community members voted on in a monthly theme poll.  It continues to evolve based on what the community members want this to be.   To be an influencer you need to submit a completed project that will be an example to be followed by all other members when they decide to do a project of their own.


    The following community members have been awarded Influencer badges for influencing the shape the program has taken thus far: dougw , shabaz , fvan , idanre1 , and balearicdynamics .


    Earn Trophies for Winning Electronics & Design Competitions!


    Finally, I dug this up from an old press release from when The Ben Heck Show first started:


    “The team at element14 and I understand the passion that motivates and excites the growing modder universe. ‘The Ben Heck Show’ is committed to providing these creative electronics enthusiasts and design engineers with a TV show that’s every bit as spellbinding for them as the Super Bowl is to a football fan,” said Ben Heck. “Anyone who is even the slightest bit technologically curious will enjoy the show and walk away from each episode a little savvier about the technology they use every day.”


    100x100winner.pngSo there you have it. That's where the idea of the trophy badges for Project14 came from. This program meant to be accessible for anyone who is even the slightest bit technologically curious and wants to walk away from project blog posts a little savvier about the technology they use every day.  Project14 is committed to providing creative electronics enthusiasts and design engineers with project competition platform that's every bit as spellbinding for them as the Super Bowl is for a football fan. 


    Its a tip of the cap to Ben Heck and the legacy he's left on the element14 community. From here on out there will be a trophy badge for every competition you win and it will have a number on it just like Super Bowl trophy.  This should give creative electronics enthusiasts and design engineers their own version of a Super Bowl trophy as a reward for winning.


    The Techno Toys trophy goes to dougw for Sparky the Power Chick , Molham  for DollaS Dancer , and idanre1 for This little bug has a bug!


    The Geeky Gadgets trophy goes to  fvan for Project Portfolio Badgedougw for Geeked Out Business Cards , and shabaz for Build your own Torch/Flashlight!


    Finally, The Going Green trophy goes to idanre1 for IOT Irrigation valve and fvan for Chicken Coop Livestream!


    Please Note: It will take 24 hours for the badges to be processed!