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    Propose an Idea for Test Equipment that you can Build Yourself for a Chance to Win!


    Comment Below for a Chance to Win and Win Again by Submitting Your Finished Build on Project14!



    Ben and Karen announce the latest giveaway.  Give your DIY Test Equipment ideas in the comments below for a chance to win Ben's Raspberry Pi Bitscope Mod!





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    Ben Heck BitScope Mod3.jpg



    How to Win Ben's Raspberry Pi Bitscope Mod


    • Come up with a great idea for DIY Test Equipment that you can build yourself. It's not expensive to build your own test equipment
    • If you wow us with your idea you get something cool Ben made.
    • You just need to comment below for a chance to win but here is the judging criteria:
      • Demonstrate enthusiasm for the product being offered
      • Facilitate discussion through constructive discourse
      • Contribute to the discussion in a unique or interesting way
      • Leverage experience to offer insight into the topic being  explored
      • Demonstrates knowledge and mastery of the topic
      • Presents compelling case for being deserving of prize
    • Images, Video, and Text are all welcomed forms of submission and you're flexible with how you want to express your idea


    Ways You Can Win


      • Wow us with your DIY Test Equipment project proposal!
      • Shoot some video or pictures of the project or parts you'll be using
      • List the parts that you are using and tell us how you plan to use them in your finished build
      • Comment the entire project you are working on in the comments below and comment more as you go along
      • Give us schematics and convince us you actually want to build this thing!


    What is DIY Test Equipment


    Electronic test equipment is used to create and capture responses from electronic devices under test (DUTs).  Before you can do serious work on electronics systems you need the right test equipment.  Depending on what type of equipment you are using this can be expensive. Oscilloscopes for instance can run you several thousands of dollars. 


    Luckily, you don't have to spend several thousands of dollars to get your own DIY oscilloscope. This giveaway challenges you to either come up with your own piece of DIY Test Equipment (to win you must use the comments below to propose your own idea), or to follow along with Ben and DIY your own Raspberry Pi BitScope Mod Oscilloscope.


    There's something in this for electronics enthusiasts of all types. 

    • If you're a novice this is an opportunity to get started on an projects while growing your appreciation of how electronics work
    • If you're a Maker Pro, is that you can tailor your test equipment to your needs, at a fraction of the cost of more expensive equipment.

    Examples of DIY Test Equipment


    Examples of DIY test equipment include oscilloscopes, function generators, audio impedance meters, capacitance meters, AC/DC LED Indicators, 555 Timer IC Tester, digital frequency counters, digital pressure guage, MOSFET tester, wire tracers, tachnometers, mains power line sniffer, and digital voltmeters.


    Replicate This Build


    Bitscope Mod Episode
    Ben Heck Bitscope Mod.PNG


    If you want to replicate this build or do your own creative version of this (with the latest parts) you can find everything you need to know here:


    Replicate this Build!

    Win Again by Submitting Your Finished Build on Project14!


    About Project14:  Project14: Monthly Project Competitions About You!


    Come up With Ideas for Project Competitions for free e14 Swag:  You Decide the Next Monthly Project Competition!


    Earn a $100 Shopping Cart with Your Finished Project: DIY Test Equipment




    You may have noticed some DIY Test Equipment projects popping up on the community recently.  That's because DIY Test Equipment,  an idea dougw came up with, is the project competition you came up with for Project14


    Visit DIY Test Equipment to come up with ideas based on what other community members have done so far over the past month on Project14!







    Three Steps to Win and Win Again!




    Step 1:  Log in or register on element14, it's easy and free.


    Step 2: Post in the comments section below.


    Videos, pictures and text are all welcomed forms of submission.


    Step 3: Visit DIY Test Equipment and submit your complete entry at Submit your completed DIY Project to Win Again!  3 First Place Winners will Earn a $100 Shopping Cart!


    We will accept entries until 3:00pm CDT September 25th, 2017 and Ben and Karen will announce the winner on YouTube after all entries have been carefully considered!


    If you need something to do between now and then make sure to check out what is happening This week on element14 Community, or watch more Ben at


    In the Comments Below: Propose Your Idea for DIY Test Equipment!


    The most promising Idea for DIY Test Equipment Wins Ben Heck's Raspberry Pi BitScope Mod!