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    Community Members make suggestions to the team as they work on their mini pinball kit.  Feedback includes using thin recesses on the table to make the ball change its directory, using an Arduino SoftTimer library for timing the PWM and bouncing, alternate ways of making the table such as taking a look at the mechanics on Stern's mini playfield for Family Guy/Shrek, and alternate ways of making the table such as optional posts between the flippers.


    Community Feedback comes from cht0026 , prampec , and grahambest !

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    cht0026 has an idea for making the game more challenging or frustrating depending on your point of view.  He’d like to know if it’s possible to make some very thin recesses on the table and make the ball change its trajectory. The analogy he uses is the way that big planets affect small planets.   Ben recalls a similar idea with the Orbiter 1 from Stern Electronics (1977-1984). It had a vacuum-form play field and a space-theme where the ball would make all these crazy orbits making it really hard to play. Really, what made the ball change directory is when it hits something, or went around in a loop, or goes up a ramp.  A divot in the play field wouldn’t do a whole lot and worse it might trap the ball.


    prampec  wants to know why the team doesn’t just use a timer library for timing the PWM and bouncing. He recommends the “Arduino SoftTimer” library, and not just because he wrote the library, as he believes it can do a decent job in time-sensitive situations like this.  He then realizes that the PciManager library won’t work with Teensy because debouncing doesn’t work out of the box. Ben gives an explanation of what this means.



    grahambest   suggests the team take a look at the mechanics for the mini playfield in Stern’s Family Guy/Shrek. They’re using the same 5/8 ball and have already solved the problem the team has encountered.  He’s concerned that changing the flipper angle from 30 to 15 degrees won’t allow you to execute a proper bounce pass. He suggests alternate ways of making the table such as an optional post between the flippers.