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    Wireless Protocol I:


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    Legend has it that Harald Blaatand ("Bluetooth") Gormsen was the Danish king who united parts of Denmark and Norway and, eventually, other parts of Scandinavia, and who may have also introduced Christianity into Denmark. Thus, when Jim Karbach, an engineer at Intel® in the late 90s, decided to name the wireless standard for uniting personal use devices he chose Bluetooth. There are obviously a whole array of devices that we use in our day-to-day lives that utilize Bluetooth, ranging from our PCs and smartphones to items like smartwatches and fitbits. To design these devices, a sampling of Bluetooth components and development tools currently available is listed here.

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    Parts Used within the Module

    Wireless SoC or a Wireless Module
    EFR32BG13 Bluetooth SoC Microcontroller QFN48BGM121/BGM123 Blue Gecko Bluetooth® SiP ModuleBlue Gecko Bluetooth® Low Energy System-In Package (SiP) Module Wireless Starter Kit
    Internet of Things
    RD-0057-0201RD-0057-0201Thunderboard React, Bluetooth MCU

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