Version 1 contains data files for the FlaviaLP60 implementation of the Free Logic Array, described in Flavia: the Free Logic Array and Chapter 12 of The XXICC Anthology rev 0.0r.  FlaviaLP60 is for the ValentF(x) LOGI-Pi FPGA board, rev R1.2.  To reduce chances of confusion, I recommend that you only install this file if you want to synthesize Flavia logic for the LOGI-Pi.

  is the same as rev 0.0q except that in "synthesize hardware" inputs and outputs are declared "input" and "output" instead of "net".


    Unless you're using JTAG, Flavia rev 0.0r won't work with the new LOGI-Pi-2, marked R1.5.1 on the PC board.  LOGI-Pi-2 has an I2C GPIO expander, so programming LOGI-Pi-2 directly from RasPi is different.   I'll add LOGI-Pi-2 to a future release if there's enough demand.


    Flavia is part of XXICC.  For more information on GalaxC and XXICC, see the 'blog post XXICC (21st Century Co-design) release 0.0r and XXICC's home page


    This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.  To view a copy of this license, visit  No warranty is expressed or implied.