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    Super Glue Gun
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    Ben and Karen respond to feedback from Community Members give on their Super Glue Gun.  Feedback includes using a 3D pen to see how it moves the filament, using a worm gear motor from a CD drive and replacing the trigger with a solenoid actuator, using a dremel saw as a gear, and replacing metal parts with a simple post and a sleeve.



    Community Feedback comes from tm14 and 11treehugger11 !

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    tm14  recommended that they buy a 3D pen and see how it moves the filament. He suggests using a worm gear motor from a CD drive, keeping the original glue gun feeder, but replacing the trigger with a solenoid actuator using a hammering action. Ben doesn’t think there is enough power with this because worm gears are pretty wimpy as all they are used to do is move a read head back and forth.  The idea of worm gear is good because you’d have a lot of constant pressure along the piece instead of just one contact point, although that’s more gearing that could get gummed up if there was a problem.

    11treehugger11 suggests flipping everything around.  Instead of finding the perfect gear to fit on the perfect motor, put the gear on the idler shaft. The gear could be tensioned right against the shaft of the motor. He also suggests trying a dremel saw as a gear. It looked to him like they were smashing the glue instead of gripping it to feed.  A sharper, thin saw or sanding blade might “bite” into the glue better.  Ben thinks this could work if it went slowly because the teeth would bite into it and then push forward.

    tm14  suggests that they reconsider the metal parts used on the Super Glue Gun because it may be overkill and that their weight would add to the shipping costs of the final product.  Instead of bearing, he suggests using a simple post and a sleeve like they use to use in VCRs as tape guides.  Ben thinks this is something they could try. The bearings simplified what they did the first time, but they could cost reduce further by taking a nylon spacer and putting it onto a steel post, and using that to push the stick in.