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    Calling all IoT on Wheels Applicants!


    If you were or were not successful we need your help!

    We would love to know more about you and your application process.


    One of our partners in the IoT on Wheels Design challenge is Dr. Christian DeFeo doctorcdf of Loughborough University, in the UK.


    Dr. DeFeo is working on research into how online communities support innovation and would be very grateful if you would have time to fill out a short survey about this design challenge.


    Survey Link:



    About Dr. DeFeo


    Dr. Christian DeFeo
    University of Loughbrough

    Dr. Christian DeFeoearned a PhD in Creative Writing at the University of Southampton in 2010. Afterwards, he returned to a career in technology, working for the electronics distributor Premier Farnell where he helped create innovative online community programmes. He is presently studying for a second PhD in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at Loughborough University.

    Dr. DeFeo will be interviewing challengers during the process as part of his and Loughborough university’s research into how online communities support innovation.


















    Please note Dr. Defeo is external to the element14 team and your data would be used for University of Loughborough research.